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Friday, July 30, 2010

Chester's New Trick

Since we got our new puppy (Chester), Jackson (our 8 year old Golden) has been ANNOYED by him, as you can imagine! It's like a 56 year old man having a toddler thrown into his nice, peaceful life! Chester loves to chase Jackson!! He bites him all over and will bite and then HANG ONTO Jackson's tail! As you can probably assume.... Jackson can only handle this for so long! His "safe spot" has always been my bed, because Chester wasn't big enough to jump up there.

WELL.......... This morning, "The Little One" finally made his way up onto the bed!! I was in my office and heard the two of them "squabbling" like I usually do. My girls were still asleep, so I decided that I better go "shush" the boys so they wouldn't wake the girls.

When I got to my doorway, I discovered the two of them doing their normal "squabbling" --- which means Chester biting & attacking Jackson and Jackson retaliating by barking and growling and trying to avoid Chester's bites!! --- but, this time..... They were BOTH ON MY BED!!! So, the days of Jackson having a safe place to get away from Chester when he is in one of his "moods", are over. ~ Poor Jackson! ~ And the days of me having NO dogs in my bed are over, too! ~ Poor ME!!

Right now, I am remembering that 1980 movie starring Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase --- "Seems Like Old Times". I don't remember the whole plot to the movie, but I DO remember her always in bed with a whole heard of dogs!! That'll be me in a few years!! ---- NOT!!

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