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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bucket List #4-6

#4 --- Visit Italy & tour Rome and have plenty of time to explore --- Last year, I read two different books that were set in Italy. By reading those books, I developed a love for Italy and a desire to go there someday!  I checked books out of the library and did my research. I figured out exactly where I wanted to go. (Well, Hubby would be with me!) We would fly into Venice and spend a couple of days there, exploring. Then, we would take a train across the country to Rome. Along the way, we would make stops in places like Florence and the Tuscan Valley.

#5 --- Visit the Virgin Islands - Go to “Jost Van Dyke” --- I had never heard of Jost Van Dyke until Kenny Chesney wrote about it in one of his songs called "Somewhere in the Sun". I had to look it up to even know where it was (or WHAT it was!). Once I realized where it was and how beautiful it is..... that was all it took! Now, I want to go there! The song talks about a bar named "Foxy's" and the "Firewater Rum" that they have there. I looked up Foxy's on the computer and actually found it! Hubby and I even ordered a T-shirt & hat from there! Someday, we'll make it there! --- And we'll already have the T-shirt! (and hat!)

#6 --- Visit Austrailia --- I don't know much about Austrailia other than what I've seen on TV and in pictures, but I like what I see!! I have always had an infatuation with the continent. I would love to see Sydney and also (maybe) snorkel over the Great Barrier Reef. I say "maybe" because I am terrified of sharks, and from what I've heard... the Great Barrier is NOT the place to go if you are afraid of them! But, it looks so beautiful!!! I also love the way the Aussie's talk!

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