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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visit With My Mom

I went to visit my mom today, at the nursing home. I go once a week, at least. This summer, since I am not working, I have been going in the late morning, before she goes to lunch. But, lately.... she has been more interested in getting in the dining room early in order to get a place at the table that she wants to sit at.

Today, I decided to go by there AFTER lunch. I didn't arrive there until after 12:30pm, and I expected her to be in her bed... lying down... as she is in the habit of doing after lunch. But, suprisingly... I found her sitting in her wheelchair, with her glasses on (a rarity!), reading the book that I had bought her. I also noticed as I entered the room that she had MAKE-UP ON!! This is something that I haven't seen her do in quite a while! She looked so good, I just had to take a picture of her!

I brought her a McDonald's fruit smoothie (YUM! By the way!), which she seemed to enjoy. I didn't make any big deal out of her NOT being in her bed, but I praised her for how good she looked! I think she liked that.

For those of you that don't know my mom's story.... she had a stroke back in November of 2005. She bounced back pretty good for a little while after the stroke, but then developed Congestive Heart Failure in April of last year, and has lost a lot of strength since then. She used to be able to walk pretty good, with a walker. But, now.... she can't walk but a few steps without having to sit down. So, she pretty much stays in her wheelchair in order to get around.

I miss my mom -- the mom that I used to have. She's there, but then again... she's not.

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