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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bucket List #46-48

#46 --- Attend a NASCAR race and watch from the stands --- I already wrote about wanting to watch a race from the infield on top of a camper, but I would also love to go to a race and watch it from the stands! Yes, I know that it would be crowded. But, I don't mind crowds. Hubby is the one that doesn't like them! Dtr. #1 isn't too thrilled with them, either! I just want to go to a race and experience it... LIVE!

#47 --- Go on a yearly mother/daughter retreat --- I can think of SO MANY places that the girls and I could go to! I already mentioned one of them.... The Country Music Festival in Nashville! But, there are others. We would pick places that Hubby has no interest in going to that way he wouldn't feel so left out!

#48 --- Fly first class at least once --- I am not a "frequent flyer" and when I have been on a plane, it has always been "coach", because of the cost! What's even worse is flying "stand by"!! NOT FUN!! You don't know until the last minute if you are going to have a seat on the plane!! This is very nerve-racking! So, I would love to have the experience of flying FIRST CLASS, at least once in my lifetime!

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