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Monday, August 30, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ The Start

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I've been thinking hard about what day-to-day blog idea that I wanted to start next. I've decided to go with an A to Z Blog Challenge. I saw a blog like this once and have always kept the thought on the "back burner" for a future idea to use. Since I finished my Bucket List day-to-day blog posts. -- Well... they weren't written quite every day, but pretty close to it!

The idea of the blog is to pick a word for the letter-of-the-day, and then blog about it.

I like to write my blog posts in the mornings -- Well, some days... I don't have time and have to write later in the day. -- So, my plan is to think of a word from the previous day to write about. This way, I will have a full day to reflect back on in order to pick my word. --- Make sense?? -- I hope so!

I am going to try to not write about PEOPLE. That is too easy! I won't more of a CHALLENGE!


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