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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bucket List #85-87

#85 --- Volunteer on a regular basis somewhere other than church --- I have been a volunteered for everything (well, almost everything!) imaginable at my current church and in my previous church. I have lead Bible studies, lead children's classes, helped & lead VBS, worked on various ministry teams, helped with the youth group, .... the list goes on. Last Fall, after I lost my full-time job, I did volunteer briefly for a while at a local place called "Open Door Community House". I LOVED working there!! I loved being around the people and knowing that I might be making a difference in their lives. But, I had to let that go when I started back to work in January. Even though my job is part-time now, I felt like it would be too much to continue also working at Open Door. I do miss it, though!
I also would love to volunteer (like my mother-n-law does!) at a hospital. I actually did that briefly back in high school. I was a Red Cross volunteer worker during the summer of my 8th or 9th grade school year. I was basically a "go to" girl, but it was fun and interesting!
Another place that I would like to volunteer at would be at the library. I LOVE books and I also enjoy organizing -- believe it or not! Back in the 9th grade (again!) I worked in the school library, shelving books and making labels for them. I loved it!
Even if I get the chance to volunteer at one of these other places... I will ALWAYS be volunteering in some way or another at my church. That's what you do when you are a member of a church. The other members are your FAMILY! -- Family takes care of family!

#86 --- Leave a legacy for my children & grandchildren --- I am not sure what the word "Legacy" really means, but all I know is... that I want my children and grandchildren to remember me in GOOD ways. When they remember me, or think about me, I want words like -- Christian, loving, devoted, giving ...etc. -- to come to their minds. I think of Hubby's mother & grandmother as leaving wonderful legacy's behind. That's what I want, too!

#87 --- Record my memories in a journal --- I have been doing this off and on for a while now. I LOVE to write! I have a rather good-sized box already full of my "writings". Not only are there journals in there, but also my notes from when I have studied God's Word. I also have some old calendars and "planners" in there, so that my family can look back and see how busy our lives were! This blog is also "kind of" a journal. Just a "new" kind! **smile**  I hope to have it published into books as the years go by. Family history and documentation is so important to me! I just hope my family appreciates it way after I am gone. I think they will.

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