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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bucket List #61-63

#61 --- Try snow skiing --- This something that Hubby & the girls all have done, but I have not. My girls - from what I hear. I have not actually seen them! - are quite good at it! This is just not something that I have ever had an interest in doing. Hubby grew up in the north, so he grew up having more opportunities to snow ski. My girls had the opportunity to learn by going on many, many Youth Ski Trips with our church youth group to the North Carolina mountains. Over the years that they have been going, they have gotten very good at it. Sometimes Most of the time, when they go, it is "fake snow"... but, they still have fun. Every year, when they get home from the ski trip, I hear them talk about it, and now I'd like to give it a try. Knowing my luck... I won't get the hang of it and be stuck on the "Bunny Slope" - I guess that's what they still call it. I have no idea! - and never graduate to the "Big People Slopes" - That's MY term for it, anyway! Maybe I can learn to snow ski when I accomplish #31 on my Bucket List - (Stay at a ski lodge with a huge picture window and a big fireplace) or #30 (See a huge snow!).

#62 --- Ride in or drive a corvette --- I don't really care about "owning" one. I just want to RIDE in one or DRIVE one! - Of course, it would have to be an automatic, because I don't know how to drive a "stick". That one's coming up a little farther down on my list, by the way!) I think Corvette's are beautiful cars, tho! Hubby has always wanted a yellow one. So, this one is for you, babe!

#63 --- Ride in a Limo --- Nope. Never ridden in one of these before, either. I would love to get all dressed up - Just once. Because that's probably all I could talk Hubby into! - and go somewhere really special with hubby and a group of friends! I'd love to sip champagne while I take my ride, too! And I would love for it to have a sunroof!! I would be the first one to stick my head thru it and wave to the world!!  --- OR ---- I just had another thought! It would be a blast if we took a limo up to Atlanta with a group of friends and attended a Jimmy Buffet concert!! That would be so much fun!! That would fulfill #32 on my list, as well!

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