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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bucket List #91-93

#91 --- Get a passport --- I guess, if I am going to go to all of these wonderful destinations (well... at least the ones that are in (or ARE) other countries!) I will need to get a PASSPORT. I have never obtained one before, because I have never needed to. I have heard that it takes several months to get one. I guess Hubby and I better plan ahead for this before we go jet-setting off somewhere!!

#92 --- Go on a mission trip --- This is something that I have had the opportunity to do several times, but have always been a little hesitant about doing for whatever reason! I've had the opportunity to go to The Bahamas, to Costa Rica, to Mississippi, to Alaska, to Kentucky, and to quite a few others that I've forgotten about! I seem to always come up with an excuse as to WHY I CAN'T GO. My excuses usually have to do with either lack of financial funds or the weather (as in it being "too hot"). I really DO want to do this! I think I need to search deep down into my heart and really consider doing a life-changing thing, such as this!

Found this beautiful photo at  THIS SITE

#93 --- Read at least 4 books a year --- I have tried and tried to follow through with this one since I started this list. I really DO love to read! But, I face my own challenges when it comes to actually sitting down and reading a book! I have several TYPES of books that I enjoy --- I like fun romance novels that have both humar and romance. I also like fun mysteries that have a little bit of romance to them. I also enjoy reading to gain "knowledge". (Don't laugh!) Especially the type of books that set your heart on fire for GOD!

Here are a few books that I have read within' the past year (or so!) that I really enjoyed ---

This one is a blend of mystery & romance! Loved it!!

Great story! I fell in love with Italy by reading this book! (And I love football!)

I learned a lot from this book!


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