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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bucket List #94-96

#94 --- Own a Mastiff --- I LOVE BIG DOGS!! I own two Golden Retrievers, which I adore! They are THE most awesome dogs to own! But...... I have also have a love for MASTIFF's!! They are so cute and cuddly! Yes, they slobber and they eat a LOT!! But.... I can't help but love them! I don't know if I will ever be able to own one... but, if I could... I would!!!

This is an English Mastiff
#95 --- Quit working and become SuperMom & SuperWife again --- When I first wrote this list, I was working full-time. Since then... I lost my job and I am not working 3 mornings a week as a Preschool Teaching Assistant. AND.... I have Summer's off! So.......... This Bucket List item has "kinda'" been fulfilled. The Lord knew what he was doing when He planned for me to lose my job! Thank you, Lord!

#96 --- Own a Camaro --- I have wanted a Camaro since BEFORE I started driving at age 15!! My first car was a Chevy Vega. I DID love this car! But, I still had my eyes set on finding a Camaro! One day... I saw my DREAM Camaro in a used car lot!! I could not wait to tell my Daddy!! I just knew that he would get it for me since it was THE car that I REALLY wanted! This is what it looked like -----

1979 Camaro Berlinetta - I wanted T-tops in mine, tho!

My Daddy DID go and talk to the salesman about it, but Daddy didn't make a lot of money and my dream car was a "bit" more than we could afford. THANK YOU, DADDY for trying anyway! I love you and miss you!

In high school, I had a HUGE CRUSH on a guy that had a 1968 Camaro. -- NO! I didn't like him JUST because he had a Camaro!!! He was REALLY cute!! The Camaro was just a bonus! **Smile**  One time, while in class together (lucky me!), he received detention because he laid his head on his desk. WELL.... I had been trying to get this boy's attention for the longest time and I saw this as my opportunity!! I did what any girl "in love" would do... I put my head down on MY desk, too and sacrificied my after school freedom so that I could have detention with this cutie!! Yes... we did detention, together. Then... when the teacher said that we could leave... I walked out the door with him and instead of running to catch my bus (this was before I had my Vega!)... I told him that I had already MISSED my bus and asked him if he could give me a ride home. (This event would go down in history as one of THE BOLDEST things that I have EVER done!) My plan was working!! **Smile**  He did look over at the buses and asked me if mine was still there, but I lied (Forgive me, Lord!) and said that it wasn't. So.... he had no choice but to give me a ride home! I was on CLOUD NINE!! Not only was I with this CUTIE, but I was riding in a COOL CAMARO, which looked like this ----

1968 Camaro SS 327 - His had blue stripes, tho!

Months went by, and I didn't hear anything from the cute boy... until.... he asked me to go to Homecoming with him!! But..... since I was dating someone else.... I had to sadly say, no. That is my biggest regret of high school --- to THIS DAY! Oh well.

Back to the Camaro's ---- I really like the newest models, too!

2010 Camaro - HOT!!

Maybe someday, I'll get to have one!

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