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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bucket List #76-78

#76 --- Convert our family VHS tapes into DVD's --- This is something that I have tried to figure out how to do for YEARS now, and can't seem to figure out how do it. I want to do it myself so that I can edit the DVD's as I make them. We have a DVD/VCR Recorder that is supposed to be able to do what I need, but neither Hubby nor I, can figure have ever been able to figure it out! I even bought some "do-hicky" thing that attaches my VCR to my computer.... but, that came with very "minimal" instructions and I could never figure out how to do it either! This is a project that I have put on the "back burner", but still want very badly to accomplish. I just don't know HOW to do it! It's frustrating!!

#77 --- Finish scrap-booking my photos --- I used to be ADDICTED to scrap-booking!! I pretty much did it 24/7 - no joke! I still have ALLLLLLLLLLLL the supplies, too. I even converted my dining room into a Scrap-booking Room! (Photos below) I also tried my hand at starting my own Scrap-booking business.... but... that didn't go so well. I was the Scrap-booking QUEEN for many years. The year that I stopped was the year that my mom had her stroke. Her having a stroke turned my world upside down! Because I am an only child and my dad passed away when I was 18... I am the only family (basically) that my mom has. So, my focus had to completely shift to her needs.

Anyway... it's now been 4 1/2 years since her stroke, and I am finally getting the scrap-booking "bug" again! I have 6 photo boxes full of photos, PLUS... lots and lots downloaded on my computer that I would like to scrapbook. My plan is to actually "scrapbook" the ones that are in the photo boxes, and then "digitally" (a new... really cool... technology!) scrapbook the ones that are in my computer.

These photos are a little out-dated and the room is a little different. But, not much!

#78 --- Save all of my pictures that are on my computer to a zip drive --- I have been doing this for a while now. I think I might ask for one of these for Christmas, tho --- a 1TB (whatever that is!!) External Hard Drive. It has MUCH more room than my tiny zip drive!

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