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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bucket List #97-99

We're almost done!!!

#97 --- Be Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel --- If you don't know who I'm talking about... check her out by clicking HERE. Samantha is a television host for the Travel Channel. She travels all over the WORLD and introduces viewers to vacation destinations and hotels in the United States and around the world, as well as showcasing restaurants and activities at those destinations. She has MY DREAM JOB!!! Everytime I see her on TV, I feel a great sense of JEALOUSY!

#98 --- Have enough money to be able to donate regularly to a charity --- Don't get me wrong.... Hubby and I DO give to charity, but the word "regularly" is the focus, here. And....yes, we tithe at church every Sunday. And yes, that is considered "regularly". But, I want to give MORE!! Financially, I am not able to GIVE like I want to..... yet. But, I hope to someday be able to write a check and give whatever amount is needed, whenever I see that there is a need.

#99 --- Give anonymously to someone and watch it change their life --- This is what I REALLY want to be able to do! Yes, giving money to The Salvation Army, or Unicef is a WONDERFUL thing! But, I would also like to see a need that a family or person has and be able to give them what they need... anonymously... and then be able to see it change their lives! For instance.... a single mom that is struggling to make ends meet. She has a car, but it is very unreliable and is in need of costly repair. I would love to be able to buy her a reliable used car and have someone else (keeping my identity a secret!) deliver it to her! ---- Another possibility would be a wife & mom who's husband has suddenly passed away. She is in danger of losing her home because she has no way of paying the mortgage. I would love to be able to somehow pay off her mortgage so that she can keep her home that she and her children love so much. --- In other words... I want to help others, but I don't want to take the credit. The credit will go to the Lord above, who graciously gives me the resources to help one (or more) of His precious children. For it says in Matthew 6:4 -- Give your gifts in secret, and your Father, who knows all secrets, will reward you. --- My "reward" will be to live with HIM eternally, in Heaven.

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