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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bucket List #82-84

Forgive me for be a "little" distracted lately and not continuing with my Bucket List. I am anxious to complete it so that I can go on to blog about other ideas that I have!

#82 --- Live to see my grandchildren have children --- I am a family history "buff", as some might say. (Although, I have no idea where that term came from!) I guess I could say this instead.... "I enjoy learning about my family history."  There. That's better! I would love to be around long enough to be a Great-Grandmother!! All of my Great-Grandparents died WAY before I was born. And even my "Grandparents" weren't around very long. My girls only knew my Maternal Grandmother. Hubby was lucky enough to have his Grandparents around for a while. His Paternal Grandmother is still living and is 98 years old!! She is a wonderful lady and is someone that we all admire and adore. I pray that someday.... my Grandchildren & (hopefully) my Great-Grandchildren ... say this same thing about me!

#83 --- Stay healthy so that I can be an active Grandma & older adult --- This is something that I REALLY WANT TO DO!! I have two very different examples in my life -- well, three... if I count Hubby's 98 year old Grandma! --- of older adults. The first one is MY MOTHER. She is 78 years old, and because she did not live a healthy lifestyle throughout her adult life.... she is now in a nursing home and pretty much "trapped" in a wheelchair. I DO NOT want to be like her!!! The second one is MY MOTHER-N-LAW. She is 70 years old and is still VERY active!! She volunteers (and works) HOURS UPON HOURS at the hospital near her. She travels at least 3 times a year either by plane or by car. She still has a business that she runs out of her home, which involves sewing and making cushions & covers for boats. She is VERY active in her church where she plays the organ & piano and also leads the choir! As she does all of these things, she is also being a WITNESS FOR CHRIST.  --- THIS is the type of "Older Adult" that I want to be!!

#84 --- Spend a weekend at a spa with a friend --- I think this would be so much fun! We would get manicures & pedicures, facials, and massages! We would relax by the pool and have a total "Girl's Weekend"!
This photo was taken at the Spa that Hubby took me to for our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

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