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Friday, August 13, 2010

HIDA Scan or Microscope??

Today, I had a HIDA Scan done. Wondering what that is??? -- I had to look it up, myself!

Here's what I found out, via The Mayo Clinic's website:

HIDA scan is an imaging procedure that helps your doctor track the production and flow of bile from your liver to your small intestine. Bile is a fluid produced by your liver that helps your digestive system break down fats in the foods you eat.

A HIDA scan, which stands for hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan, creates pictures of your liver, gallbladder, biliary tract and small intestine.

A HIDA scan can also be called cholescintigraphy, hepatobiliary scintigraphy or hepatobiliary scan.

A HIDA scan is a type of imaging study called a nuclear medicine scan. This means the HIDA scan uses a radioactive chemical or tracer that helps highlight certain organs on the scan.

The reason that I had to have this scan, is because I started having pain in my upper abdomen 2 weeks ago, after eating dinner. Since then, my doctor is having me go thru tests to see if my gall bladder is functioning properly. You can read my previous post about this HERE.

This HIDA SCAN was a "doozy"!! I had no idea what to expect, other than I knew that they injected you with radioactive "stuff" in order for the scan "thingy" to be able to SEE your gall bladder.

Here's my experience ---

The nurse lady (I'm not sure what to call her!) walked me into a room with a gurney-type bed / stretcher and tells me to lie down. She asks me to hand her my left arm. She then tells me that she is going to "stick" me in order to inject the "stuff" into me. (I am clueless when it comes to medical terms! Forgive me!)

Well, she STUCK me... but, she couldn't find a vein! So... she turned my "gurney" around and STUCK me in the right arm. This time... THANKFULLY!.... she found a vein. Whew!

I didn't know it at the time, but she had also injected the "stuff" into me.

She then pulls this big, round "drum-looking thing" over my abdomen and tells me that she'll be back & forth, checking on me while this "thing" takes pictures.

Here's a pic that I found when I did a search on Bing for a HIDA Scan. I guess this person found it FUN, since they are actually "waving" to the person taking the photo!

It wasn't bad... But I, personally, didn't find it quite THIS FUN!

So, picture this.... here I am.... just LYING there, while the "nurse-lady" comes and checks on my every 10 mins, so.

"You doin' ok?" ... she asks.  "Yes. I'm fine. Thank you." ... I say.

I felt like a specimin under a GIANT MICROSCOPE! --- Really! I did!!! Here's another picture of the "machine" ---

This photo makes this "machine" look small, but it wasn't. You can tell by the photo at the top, how big it is! One time... as I was lying there BORED OUT OF MY MIND... I looked up at the square part of the machine and saw the "Brand" name. It said.... ORBITER. I thought that was kinda' funny!

As I'm lying there, in this silent room (yes... SILENT!)... all I can see without "moving" my head, is PART of the ceiling. I say "part" because my view was rather obstructed by this big round "drum thingy"! I can tell you how many ceiling tiles there were - 35. I can also tell you how many florescent lights there were - 6. I can also tell you how many air vents there were - 2. I can also tell you how many sprinkler's there were (in case of a fire) - 4. ....... NOW WHERE'S THE FRICKIN' SCREEN SO THAT I CAN SEE WHAT MY *$#$%* GALL BLADDER LOOKS LIKE!! This is what starts going thru my mind after I've "counted" all that I can count!

Without "moving" my body... since I was told to lie still --- yeah, right! --- I strained my neck around enough so that I finally found the screen DIRECTLY BEHIND ME with the "pictures" that this "thingy" was taking of my body. This is what I saw....

Ok... Ya. I see it!!! That's my gall bladder! --- No. I don't see it. I strained my neck for THIS!! UGH!!

As time went by... and as the nurse-lady came in and out, I would occasionally strain my neck again to see if the "picture" changed any. Finally, I asked the nurse-lady what she was looking for in the "pictures". She said that she was waiting for my gall bladder to "show up" in the picture. Ok... I felt better. SHE DIDN'T SEE IT EITHER!!

More time went by... and I began to see a change in the picture.....

I started FREAKING OUT! -- "Am I PREGANT???? Please, oh please, don't let me be pregant!!"

The nurse-lady came back in and announced that my gall bladder was starting to "show up". I didn't tell her my "pregnant" thoughts. I didn't want to appear stupid or anything. I just said... "Oh good." and breathed a sigh of relief! Whew!

Ok... so far, I have felt perfecly FINE while this "drum thingy" is taking it's pictures. BUT.... little did I know... she wasn't done injecting me with STUFF! (Again, I apologize for not knowing the correct medical name, but "stuff" works just as well, for me!)

This time, tho... she injected it slowly and told me that I would probably feel it. This "stuff" was to make my gall bladder contract so that they could take "pictures" of it while it did so. It was really weird, because I COULD feel this stuff going thru my body!! I started to feel queazy. I asked the nurse-lady.... "Am I supposed to feel queazy?" ... She said, yes. It was normal, but wouldn't last long. Thankfully, it didn't... but, then I started to feel the pain that I had felt back when all this started!!! I also started to get a headache. All this lasted for about 20 minutes. The pain and the queaziness went away, but I still felt a little "light-headed". Of course, I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 10:00 last night... so, NO WONDER!! 

She helped me get up and told me that I should hear from my doctor Monday with the results. Then, she told me to GO EAT!! Yay!! I sloooooowly made my way down the loooonnnnng hall to one of the hospital cafe' areas. I got a Chick-fil-a sandwich, called Hubby, and waited until I felt well enough to drive home.

Now, the waiting begins (again) for the results!

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