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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Day With Hubby

Every now and then, Hubby and I get to spend a Saturday together and I LOVE IT!! Even if it is just running around town taking care of errands, I thoroughly enjoy it!

Yesterday, was a day like that!

We had a 10:00 appointment somewhere --- (I'll tell you WHERE, in a moment! I want to LEAD up to that!) --- but, because we are creatures of habit and get up WAY earlier than most of you.... we left the house at 8:00am and went to STARBUCKS for coffee. I ordered a TALL SKINNY VANILLA LATTE' and Hubby gets the same, only he doesn't think he needs the "skinny" version! ** Smile **

We sat outside for a little bit, but it was already quite HUMID outside --- (I am SOOO ready for Fall!) --- so we headed on over to our next destination which was an OUTDOOR MARKET at one of our local shopping centers, where we had heard that there was a vendor that sold HONEY that was from our local area. I have always heard that if you eat a tablespoon a day of honey that is produced in your local area, it will help with your allergies, but I never knew where to find it. Luckily, I was recently told that this market sold it. YAY!! Hubby and I found the vendor and bought the honey! YUM!

After chatting with the "Honey Couple" -- (They were very sweet!) -- we also chatted with a nice gentleman that had a Mediterranean-type restaurant. At his booth, he had samples of humus, which I LOVE!! He also told us where his restaurant was located and the types of foods that they had on their menu. I can't wait to try it sometime!

It was now 9:00am and time for our next destination to open. This would be our a new store in our city called FRESH MARKET. Hubby and I LOVE this store!! They have all kinds of yummy foods, some of which we have heard of and some that are new to us. It is what we call a "Fancy Grocery Store", but also "Unique" and "Fun".

Hubby and I wondered around for about 40 minutes just checking everything out and thinking about meal ideas, which we are always looking for new and healthy ideas! We couldn't buy anything that needed to be kept cold, because we weren't going straight home. I did buy a bottle of wine, which I plan to blog about SOON! Hubby wanted to buy some LIMBURGER CHEESE because it reminded him of his Grandfather, but like I said.... we couldn't keep it cold.

We arrived at our 10:00 destination a little early, but that was ok. This destination was one that I was a little nervous about! It was a place called SHOOTERS. Hubby and I were going to take a lesson on how to correctly use a GUN!!! Hubby has more experience than I do --- (Well, since I have NO experience... I guess he has a LOT!) --- but, still felt like he needed to learn the "basics". Our lesson was an hour long and got me over my FEAR of guns!! I learned how to hold a gun, how to "stand", how to "aim", and how to SHOOT! Of course, I still have to practice more, but I DID GREAT!!! I hit the target EVERY TIME!!!! Hubby was so proud of me!

This is the picture that Hubby insisted on taking of me, after we got home.
Like I said... I had a fear of guns --- (Still "kinda" do!) --- but, after handling one and learning more about them, I feel better. Hubby felt like I should really learn to use one .... JUST IN CASE! Now, I am anxious to go "shooting" again!
Our next destination was to ACADEMY SPORTS in the nearby --- (Well, it's really not that nearby! It's about 45 mins away, I think.) --- town of Auburn, Alabama. This is one of mine and Hubby's favorite stores and we wish like crazy that our town had one!! It's like the "Wal-mart" of sports stores!! They have everything!! And, great prices, too! Hubby bought a few things, but I sadly walked away with nothing. This was my choice, tho.

By now, it was nearly 1:00pm and I was STARVING and THIRSTY!! We decided to stop next door at the SAM'S and get a quick bite to eat there. I know it's not the best choice for lunch, but it was cheap and close by!

This was the end of our day together. Nothing too exciting --- (Well, I have to say... learning to shoot a gun was VERY exciting!!) --- but, like I said at the beginning of this post.... I LOVE SPENDING SATURURDAY'S WITH MY HUBBBY!!

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