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Monday, August 23, 2010

Gall Bladder Update

For those of you that are following my gall bladder story.... I have an update -- FINALLY!

Last Wednesday (Aug 18), I had received a phone call from the nurse at my family physician's office telling me that I had a MALFUNCTIONING GALL BLADDER and that she was going to schedule an appointment for me with "the" surgeon. -- That word "THE" kinda' freaked me out, just a little! You can read this blog entry HERE, if you wish to.

I have been not-so-patiently waiting on this nurse to call me with the information regarding my appointment time with the surgeon. She didn't call on Thursday and she didn't call on Friday, even after I called and left a message for them to please call me. So... therefore, I had to wait all weekend before I could find out anything. Thankfully, I had a lot going on that kept my mind off my gall bladder worries! -- SEE PREVIOUS POST

This morning, at 9:00, on-the-dot, I called my doctor's office. I explained my situation to the nice lady that answered and she was unbelievably UNDERSTANDING and AGREED with me that the nurses should have called me back. I thanked her UP and DOWN for understanding what I had been through! She said that she would PERSONALLY deliver my message to the nurses and said that if I did not receive a phone call by 2:00, to call back again and ask for the OFFICE MANAGER. I thanked her again and ...... waited.

Within an hour, a nurse called me back. YAY!!! FINALLY!!! After hearing me complain about not receiving a phone call and also them not returning my phone call.... I got the information that I needed.

I now have an appointment with "THE" surgeon on Wednesday.

Now... the waiting continues, until I talk to him. But... at least after 23 DAYS... I am finally getting closer to knowing what is to become of my gall bladder.

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