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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bucket List #79-81

WOW!! We're coming into the last 20, folks!!

#79 --- Delete old files in my computer --- I don't know about you... but, these build up in my computer, and every now and then.... I MUST delete them. As I told you before, this list was first made a couple of years ago. I must have needed to do it then, and I STILL need to do this! In fact... I think I DID do this since I first made this list, but I really do need to do it again!

#80 --- Lose 30lbs and keep it off! --- This may sound EASY to some of you, but let me tell you.... It is NOT EASY at all for some of us!! According to all the nutrition books that I read -- (Yes, I read about being healthy ALL the time!) -- for my height and body structure.... a "healthy" weight for me is between 107 and 135. Well, I think if I weighed 107... I would look sick and UNhealthy!! My first goal is to get to 135. Then, if I can get there.... I would like to keep going and try to make it to 125, even tho I think I will look just FINE at 135!! But, getting to 130 or 125, would give me a little "room" in case I "over indulge" on occasions - *smile*. I would like to mention that when I first wrote this list... I DID need to lose 30lbs, but..... drum roll please.... I have already lost close to 10lbs of that 30!! WAHOOO!!!!

#81 --- Get in better physical shape --- I used to HATE LOATHE to exercise, but now... I really do enjoy it. This is because I have finally (just in the past couple of years) found things that I "enjoy" doing. I LOVE to ride my bike! But, I only enjoy this when the weather is cool. I can not... I repeat..... CAN NOT... do this in the Summer heat & humidity that we have here in Georgia! Nope. Can't do it.

Recently, we bought a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus, for me - *Smile*. I LOVE my Wii Fit Plus!!! It makes exercising FUN! Yes... I said, FUN!! I also bought another game for the Wii that is a DANCING game. I LOVE it, too!! It is great fun and quite a cardio work out!! So, that is what I've been doing this Summer. I am anxious for the weather to cool down tho, so I can get back to bike riding. I really miss it.

But, back to my original thought here.... I want to continue to exercise, so that I can continue to be in good physical health!

The ULTIMATE place to ride... THE BEACH!!!

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