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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proving My Point

In my previous "Bucket List" blog post #75 - (De-clutter my house and get rid of unnecessary things)... I mentioned that I get emotionally attached to "things". Well, I decided to prove to you that I have a hard time throwing things away. Chester, my 4 month old puppy, LOVES his soft, squeaky toys! His first one was a puppy dog with a basketball on his tummy.  - No joking! Then, I bought him two other soft toys --- a pink piggy and a turkey. Well... as you can see below... the basketball puppy is now losing it's stuffing and the turkey..... well.... it's been decapitated and there are "neck strings" all over my house!! (Luckily, the Pink Piggy is still intact!) My mind knows that I need to throw these raggedy things away, but my heart is having a hard time being able to do that! But... I guess, since I now have a picture of these two special little things, I can toss them. **Sigh**  Looks like a trip to PetSmart is in order for some new toys! My "baby" needs them!


  1. hahaha... declutter and throw stuff out! Life feels so much better that way. :)

    You asked about the farm picture I posted... it wasn't near Lancaster. We weren't over that far. It's somewhere along I-76 south of Pittsburgh.

  2. Would you believe that as I was about to throw the toys away, my oldest Dtr said... "Awww... don't do that! Those were his first toys!" -- I think my "emotional attachment problem" rubbed off on her just a "little" bit. Oops! ;)

    Thanks for the info on the farm photo. It is beautiful and really does look a lot like the ones that I saw in Lancaster!



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