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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bucket List #58-60

#58 --- Take a long train trip somewhere --- Well, if I accomplish #4 on my list (Visit Italy) and do my "Dream Trip" there, then I can fulfill this dream, as well!! A train trip across Italy would be AMAZING! But, hey.... I'll take one anywhere as long as the view was pretty!

#59 --- Drive a jet ski --- I've ridden ON a jetski before, but never have driven one! I think it would be a lot of fun! I think I'd rather do it over calm water, tho... like a big lake. I can't see myself doing it over the rough waters of the ocean! YIKES!

#60 --- Try playing golf --- I KNOW! I KNOW!! ... I've heard it from so many people! .... "It's SO HARD!".... But, Hey! I want a chance to hit that little white ball as hard as I can and just SEE if I can get it in that tiny little hole! I'll probably hate Golf afterwords, but I would at least like to try it!

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