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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bucket List #70-72

#70 --- Take some cooking classes --- I have never "enjoyed" cooking. I have always looked at it as a "chore". Well.... maybe I have enjoyed it a time or two. But, I have also never really been very good at it. At least I've never been told that I was a good cook. Although... I think I have my friend, Valerie, fooled into thinking that I am! Haahaaaa! The other day, we were together we saw an apron... kinda' like this one, but much cuter!....   
.... I joked that I needed this apron, because it was true!
I think cooking lessons would be fun and a VERY useful thing to do. I think Hubby and the girls would appreciate it, too. I'm sure that they get tired of eating the same 'ol thing, week after week! I know, I do!

#71 --- Take salsa dancing classes --- I have heard that the latest and greatest thing is ZUMBA. I don't know exactly what ZUMBA is, but from what I understand... it is basically.... SALSA DANCING, which I think would be fun to learn and GREAT exercise!! I am pretty sure that Hubby would NOT agree to going with me. Guess I gotta' do this one on my own! OR.... Maybe if I told him that you get FREE SALSA with every dance, he'd go with me!! He loves SALSA! ~ Nah. I don't think that would work.


#72 --- Learn how to quilt --- I kinda' already know how, but not really. I know the basics, but have never really sewn a quilt. I did make Dtr. #1 a quilt one time because she wanted a "Bug" room... (Yes... you heard me right!) ... and we couldn't find a comforter or "quilt" that was "cute". This was several years ago, when "Bug-themed" things were "in". So.... I decided that I would make her one! It actually turned out rather cute! It is a "Tie Quilt", meaning that you tie the fabric together with pieces of thread to keep the batting from "bunching". --- I know... lots of "quilting" words being thrown around, here! Here's a photo of it ---

Recently, while going thru some of my mom's things... I came across her quilt that she had been working on for as long as I can remember! It was stored in Hubby's shop, along with her other things that she doesn't have room for now that she is in a nursing home. I pulled it out of it's box and got to looking at it, and thought... "I can do this! It's not hard AT ALL!"  There was a rather good-sized piece that was done, along with some smaller pieces and LOTS of extra pieces of material! I decided to sew the pieces together ... (HAND sew, by the way!) ... and then add some other pieces until it made a "throw blanket" size quilt. Here is the finished result --- 

This is called a "Cathedral Window" quilt. The colored pieces of fabric are very special to me because many are from dresses that my mom made for me when I was little. Other pieces are older than that and I am sure have some sort of family history behind them, as well.

Dtr. #1 and I have been working on making another quilt, like this one, for my mom. I am keeping this one for myself because of the sentimental value of it... and I really wouldn't want something this special to be misplaced in the wash at my mom's nursing home, or ruined by who-knows-what!!

Anyway.... back to my original thought here... I would like to learn to quilt so I can make quilts like this. This kind is done on a machine, which is something that I've never done.


I love quilts! They are so beautiful and colorful! Some of the most beautiful quilts that I have ever seen were up in the Amish area of Lancaster Pennsylvania!! Now, THOSE ladies know how to quilt! My Mother-n-law makes beautiful quilts, too. I'll have to post pictures of the ones that she made for each of us (and the ones that I saw in Lancaster!) on here at some point. ~ Beautiful!


  1. If you ever take a cooking class, you better take that older daughter with you! Haha... I don't have much room to talk, but all I could think of were her cooking mishaps!!

  2. Oh my gosh... you are SOOOOO right! Thanks for the reminder! LOL



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