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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - X, Y & Z

Whew.... better late than never! I decided to put the last three letters together. I also decided to only post 2 words for each letter since these last three are just a little bit more difficult! Hope that's ok!

Letter X


I am sure that all of you have had your share of x-ray's over the years, like I have. My most memorable one was when I thought that I had broken my finger. (I still think it was broken! Ha!) How did happened, you ask?? Well, I was on a youth retreat as a chaperone with our church youth group. Ashley was in youth at the time. Miranda was still too young. We were up in the mountains of the Carolina's somewhere, out in the middle of NOWHERE! It was a great retreat place, tho! I actually went there as a teen myself, back in the day. It is called Awanita Christian Retreat Center. It was really neat to be back there! I have SO many memories tucked away from that place! -- Anyway... They have a "ropes course" that our youth pastor wanted to do with the kids. He encouraged me to do it as well. During this course, is when I realized that...  I am not as young as I was when I was there before!! Haha! One of the obstacles was swinging over a MUDPIT on a rope that had knots tied in it. Well... I really did not want to do this particular one, but I was "bullied" into it! -- (Just kidding Matt!) So... I had no choice but to grab the rope and swing over to the other side (not very far) and LAND on the platform without falling into the mud! I don't remember falling into the mud, but I DO remember the PAIN of jamming my finger as I swung across!!! It swelled up and turned black & blue REAL FAST! And hurt like everything!! I just knew it was broken!! We still had a ways to go on the course, too! I refused to do any other obstacles that I would have to use my hands. I, of course, went to the doctor the day after we got back home -- thankfully, we were going home the next day! My doctor took x-rays of my finger, but it did not show any breaks. The doctor put a splint on it, but that was all that could be done. It took WEEKS for my finger to heal! Lesson learned..... "I'm not as young as I think I am!"


This is the name of a boy that I knew in elementary school. I believe that he was in everyone of my classes.... First thru Seventh grades!! He would pick on me EVERY day!

Letter Y


When I think of yarn, I think of crocheting or knitting -- both of which, I can not do. I have tried. Trust me! My fingers just won't work to be able to do it.


We are working really hard on our yard this Spring. David finally finished our brick retaining wall and I planted flowers in the flower beds. David bought some sod (grass) for our bare spots, so our grass now looks a lot better! Today, he is removing our big palm trees by our pool. We planted them when they were only about 2 feet tall, but they are now taller than our house! We planted them too close to our pool and now we are afraid that the roots will destroy our pool. So.... they have to come down. We had talked about digging them up and moving them, but they are WAY too big! They will be missed.

Letter Z


Growing up in Atlanta, I went to The Atlanta Zoo many times. It is a fairly large zoo, but I never thought it was really all that "great". About a year after David and I were married, we visited his brother who lived close to Washington DC. We toured our nation's capital and also visited the National Zoo, which I LOVED!! The only other zoo that I have been to is the small one in Montgomery, Alabama. I really like it a lot, too! It is small, but that is what's nice about it. They have many, many different and wonderful animals, but because the zoo is small... you feel like you can be more up close & personal with the animals. My favorite animals to watch are the chimpanzees! They are quite comical!


This is the name of the church that we were members of when we lived just outside of Atlanta. We loved this small church! My girls were baptized there and it was the center of our lives for such a long time. I miss it and the friends there, very much!


  1. Yay! Go Becky! You've done it and completed this A - Z challenge. Well done you, and you have come up with some very interesting words and descriptions. I shall look forward to reading what you are going to write about now that the challenge is over! Hope you're having a lovely weekend over there little friend. ((Hugs)).

  2. Wow, you are so creative and your stories are always a pleasure to read. Well done for the challenge, starting the next one too?

  3. awesome job and great thinking putting them together

  4. Congratulations on staying on to the end of the A to Z Challenge.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd. An “A to Z Blog Challenge Winner’s Button” will also be available starting May 1st on the Tossing It Out site.


  5. Hi Becky, what a delight to read your blog. I also cannot knit or crochet. My mother tried so hard to teach me, but I was a complete failure. I loved the story of you going to camp in the mountains, and was sad about your palm trees. Perhaps you will plant something new around the pool that brings you joy. I have also grieved the cutting down of trees in our yard. Yesterday while my husband was cutting branches of our Sweetgum tree while he balanced himself high in the upper most limbs he said, "are you going to have a hard time watching this?" And I said, "because I have an emotional attachment to the tree?" to which he responded, "no, because you have an emotional attachment to me????"

  6. Many thanks to all of you for you wonderful comments! I enjoyed this challenge very much, but I don't think I'm ready for another quite yet. I missed just plain "blogging" too much! :) -- To "KneesandPaws"... yes, I DO get emotionally attached to trees! I love them! I enjoyed our palm trees more when they were smaller, tho. As they grew bigger... I liked them less. Now that they are gone, my yard looks SO much bigger! We are going to build some planters where the trees were and plant flowers. It should be pretty! - Picks to come soon!

  7. Great word choices and I love all the ladybugs! I'm so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

  8. Hi Sylvia! Thank for visiting my blog and for becoming a follower! The challenge was fun! :)

  9. Hey Becky! I totally DON'T remember you hurting your finger on that trip! In fact, I don't remember the ropes course at all... so weird! I guess it's true that I really only remember things I have pictures of. But, my long-sleeved Awanita tshirt is still my all-time fav!

  10. hi Emily! ~ That is SO FUNNY that you don't remember that ropes course! Haaha! I don't expect you to remember "my" hurt finger. LOL! It was pretty bad, tho! Matt kept insisting that I FINISH the course! Nope. No way! Was all I could say!! Great trip, tho!! :)



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