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Friday, April 15, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - M

Letter M


Miranda is my youngest daughter. She will be 20 years old in May. WOW! No more teenagers! Seems like yesterday that she was running around the house with her bleached blonde hair, yelling through her pacifier.... "Mommy! Mommy!" Now, she is in college, studying to be a nurse! Unbelievable!


I have been a "MOM" now for almost 24 years. (Wow!) It is the most rewarding and challenging job that I have ever done.... and probably will do! I always knew that I wanted to be a mom someday. And I knew that I wanted to be in my 20's when I had children. I also knew that I wanted more than one child. You see... my parents were married when they were in their early 20's, but then waited 10 years before they had ME... their ONLY CHILD! My parents were always the "old" parents. My friends parents were always the "young" parents. It always bothered me. I have also always wanted a sibling. So, this is why I had my girls early, so that I could be a "young" parent! And this is why I have "two" children, and not just one. The relationship that I have with my girls is, I believe, a very good one. I enjoy hanging out with them, and I think for the most part.... they enjoy hanging out with me. I pray that our relationship only grow stronger and closer as we go down life's path. ~ My relationship with my own mother has been like a roller-coaster. It has had it's ups and downs. I honestly do not know how to describe it! I love my mom, but I think I have a lot of resentment towards her for many reasons. Because of this, I have a hard time "loving" her. It's weird and like I said... hard to explain.


I love (Oops! That sure is a hard habit to break!) really enjoy music. I always have! When I was very young, my favorite singers were Olivia Newton-John and Elton John --- We're talking 1970's, here! Then, in my late teen's... my favorite's were Journey, REO Speedwagon, Rod Stewart, Genesis, John "Cougar" Mellencamp, and others in this genre. Now... I still love the artists that I grew up with, but I have added Country Music to my favorites. Some of my favorite artists now are.... Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Keith Anderson, Rascal Flatt, Miranda Lambert, and many, many more! I also enjoy several Christian groups such as... Sidewalk Profits & Casting Crowns. Truthfully... I like most all music except for Rap, and I even like a "little" bit of it!


Going to the mall to go shopping has always been a part of my life, until just the past few years. I used to really enjoy going to the mall to go shopping. That was something that I did with my mom when I was little, and then something that I did a lot of as a teenager. (Oh! The memories!! **Smile**) My girls grew up going to the mall with me, as well. Sometimes we would go for specific reasons. Other times, it was just something to do to get out of the house on a rainy day. Now, there seems to be a trend of "outdoor" shopping, instead. The malls of today are set up so that you are outside, not inside. I am ok with that. I like it. But, I do miss the days of just "cruising" the mall for no reason!


I am more of a "beach" person than I am a "mountain" person, but I do like going to the mountains. I feel blessed to live just about half-way between the Gulf of Mexico and the the Great Smokey Mountains. We don't get up to the mountains as often as I would like to. Some of us (not me!) get car sick very easily, so a trip to the mountains is not something that everyone enjoys. It IS a memory that I have with my own parents, tho. We didn't have a lot of money, so we would take "day trips" up to the mountains and just drive around. We would stop and have a picnic at a park. The Fall of 1982 is the last memory I have of a mountain trip with my parents. My daddy died the next February.


  1. love your list esecially the mom and music part awesome job

  2. LindyLou ~ I wish I knew!

    Becca ~ Thank you! :)



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