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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - N

I am SOOOO behind in my blog readings! Please forgive me, my friends! Life, here, has been a little crazy this week! I hope to catch up soon! I also promised to write a REAL post, but I have just haven't had the time. ~ Bare with me, please!!

Letter N


The guy that broke my Ashley's heart last night!! I won't go into details. Hope you understand. Let's just say that I could ring his NECK right now for hurting my baby girl!! (Not "physically" hurting her, but emotionally.)

Noah's Ark

I used to collect Noah's Ark "things". And if any of you know what it's like to "collect" something, then you know that once other people know that you are collecting something.... THAT is what you get for gifts for every birthday and Christmas present for years to come! So.... I have MANY "Arks" around my house. I have gotten rid of quite a few, but still have plenty!


.... As in "fingernails". I do not have polished, pretty fingernails. I would rather have natural, not-too-long, nails. I am not a "foo-foo" kind of girl that has to have the long, sometimes-fake, nails. I admit that they are very pretty... on other people! I DO, however, enjoy going to the nail salon and getting a pedicure! That is sure bliss!! In the summer, my toenails are always painted!


I enjoy researching the origin of "names", whether they are first or last names. It is interesting to know how they came to be.


....As in the "nasty" weather that we had last night!! Whew!! We were under a tornado warning once around 7:30pm and then again around 3:14am! I did not get much sleep last night! So a NAP (another "N" word!) is in order... hopefully!... today!


  1. Oh I do hope that Ashley is okay. It's horrible when something like that happens, and you really feel for them, don't you? That's interesting about your nails. I have never not had nail polish on!! (Well, since I was in my late teens anyway!). Do hope you're having a good weekend over there.

  2. Thank you, This. She'll be ok. This is just the third time in 4 years that she has "thought" that she had found "Mr. Right", only to end up having her heart broken. My heart just breaks for her! ~ Yes. Now, that the nasty weather is gone, the day was beautiful!



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