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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - Q

I thought letter "Q" would be quite hard, but it was actually quite easy!

Letter Q


I think quilts are so very beautiful! I have quite a few of them! Some are old and some are fairly new. The old ones are some that either my grandmother or my great-aunt made. Then, I have one that my mother started and never finished. David's mother made each of my girls one and also one for David and I. One of my favorite trips that I went on was when I flew up to Philadelphia to visit David's mother. She took me to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the Amish People live. I took many pictures of the quilts that I saw! They were so pretty!! I can quilt a little and would love to learn more about it someday.


This is something that I REALLY enjoy! I love having my quiet mornings to myself each day. And on the rare occasions that I am home alone during the day, I usually like to enjoy the quietness and not turn on the TV or radio. I read better if there is quiet rather than noise, too.


When I hear this word, I think of when we lived in Atlanta. David used to be able to get tickets thru his company to go and watch the Nascar race cars, race around the track in order to qualify for the upcoming race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. We used to have SUCH a good time doing that! We got to sit in the company's private suite and were able to get free food! We also got a special pass to go down to the "pits" to get up close and personal with the drivers and the cars. It was great fun and I wish that this "perk" was still available.


Football is my VERY favorite sport!! Of course, the quarterback is one of the most important players! I don't really have a "favorite" quarterback. I just have a favorite team --- The Atlanta Falcons!!!


This word comes to mind because the "Royal Wedding" is in the news so much right now. I heard today that the Queen finally got to meet the young bride's -- Kate Middleton -- parents today. I wonder what they thought of each other!

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  1. i love quilts to i am always cold so i am always coverec in one. great list



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