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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - R

Letter R


He is Miranda's boyfriend. They met in the summer between their Junior & Senior year of high school and have been together now for over 2 years. He is a sweetie and a real blessing to her life and ours!


I love it when these cute little critters visit my yard! Unfortunately, Jackson... when he was a little younger!.... tried to "play" with a couple of our bunny visitors and... well.... let's just say that they sadly weren't able to visit our yard any more. I won't go into the details because even I don't want to remember them! 


This is something that I enjoy doing, very much. I like to read all kinds of things. The type of fiction books that I like are romantic mysteries or funny mysteries. I also enjoy non-fiction books such as books about Christianity. My favorite magazine is "People Magazine", although I do enjoy many others. When we go to the beach, my friend and I like to buy all of the "trash magazines" to read while we sit on the beach. When I say "trash magazines", I'm talking about crazy magazines like "The National Inquirer" and others. We find it fun to read the stories! Right now, for my fiction reading... I am reading the #2 book in the Harry Potter series.

Roller Coasters

I have been a HUGE roller coaster fan for as long as I can remember!! I can still remember riding my first one at Six Flags Over Georgia. It was in 1976. (Showing my age!) It was called "The Scream Machine" and I rode it with my Daddy, of course! The coaster was (and still is!) painted red, white, & blue because it opened in the bicentennial year! It is a wooden roller coaster, as they didn't have the fancy "steel" ones back then! I still ride the Scream Machine when I go to Six Flags, but now I prefer the "newer" ones!


This is my REAL name. "Becky" is my nickname. I love the name Rebecca! I am named after my Great-Grandmother. In the 5th grade, I decided that I wanted to go by Rebecca instead of Becky. It didn't work out too well because my classmates only knew me as "Becky". My teacher was the only one that actually called me "Rebecca". I quickly became "Becky" again.


  1. this is really cute we have the same name and so far during this challenge we have liked almost the same things are you sure you're not my missing twin.

  2. So Rebecca (LOL). Sorry I've been such a slacker on reading and commenting on blogs. Life has just been kind of busy, I loved roller coasters when I was a kid, those wooden ones were the best. I like those trashy magazines when I'm hanging at a poolmor spa wth the girls. Nice post.

  3. Becca ~~ You are SO right!! Maybe you are my long, lost twin!! :)

    Hi Sandy! ~~ Thanks for the comment! Hope you are doing well! :)

  4. Hi Rebecca! That is a lovely name, but Becky is really sweet as well - just like you!! I have really been enjoying your posts on all the different letters of the alphabet. I rather wish that I had got involved at the beginning! Oh well, too late now! Perhaps I'll come in at the letter Z!

  5. Hi This! ~ You are so sweet! :) This blog challenge is fun, but it is something that you can do on your own at any time! I did it once before! It's easy and fun! ((HUGS))



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