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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Tablescape

I FINALLY got my Easter tablescape put together. I ended up just using what I had instead of buying "new". I had wanted to find some cute little easter plates to go with my setting, but just never got out there to shop for any... plus... I really haven't had the money this month. I also wanted to find a pretty new table cloth, but didn't get that either.

Anyway..... Here's what I came up with! (Forgive my not-so-good photography!)

This is my bunny display on my hutch.

The "juggling bunny" opens so that you can put secret candy in it!

This is that beautiful bowl that I found back in February for a cheap $5.00. I had wanted to get a pretty ribbon to go thru the holes of this bowl, but never did. It's still very pretty, tho.

The egg in the back with the chick inside was made by Miranda, when she was little. I love it!

Ok... here's my tablescape!

I used the same placemats that I used for my St. Patrick's Day tablescape. I thought they would work well for Easter, too! The white plates are the ones that I use all of the time. They were a $1.00 store find back in the fall. I love them! The pastel colored plates are some that I bought years ago for the summer. They are from Target and were on clearance. The white bowls are the ones that I bought back in February, as well. We use these for ice cream! **Smile** The napkins are paper, but pretty! The eggs in the bowls are wooden and I have had them for years.

These little bunnies are very special. They are from David's grandmother's collection of salt & pepper shakers that he inherited. When he was little... he always told his "Mom Mom" that he wanted her collection --- which were scattered ALL OVER her house in Philadelphia! So, after she passed away in the early 1990's, he we recieved ALL of them! Boxes and boxes of them! Haha! They are housed up in my attic. The other week, I dug them out and went through them to find some that I really liked and could use for my tablescapes. I was so excited to find these cuties!

My poor Easter Tree is looking a little sad! I probably need to search for a new one after Easter.

These tulips are another set of salt & pepper shakers from Mom Mom's collection.

This table cloth is very special to me because my mother made it. It doesn't really fit my table, but I use it anyway, for special occasions.

Neither one of my girls are claiming to have made this little guy -- haha!-- but, isn't he cute!

Happy Easter to you all!!


  1. Happy Easter Becky, thanks for sharing the Easter Tablescape and decorations.

  2. I love your tablescape with the cute Easter tree! Your vignettes are so pretty too. I love the lidder bunny for Easter egg-surprises! Beautiful embroidered tablecloth!
    Happy and blessed Easter for you and yours.

  3. Becky-I've been waiting for your Easter tablescape and love it! It is so lively and exciting! The bunny salt and pepper shakers are really unique. I also like the ceramic bowl with the eggs on top. Your mother's tablecloth is beautiful. A lot of work went into that. Everything looks good, once again-so lively. Happy, Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Becky,
    My Toys would have to include my cell, my camera, my Wii, my computer and my bike. I'm mostly an electronics girl as you can see.

    I also enjoy Thunder. I love thunderstorms.

  5. Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I love decorating for Easter! ~ May God Bless You all! ~ Happy Easter!

  6. The table turned out really cute! Love the colors! Your mantel is wonderful also. Happy Easter.

  7. Thank you, Linda! ~ Happy Easter!! :)

  8. love this so creative Have a Happy Easter



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