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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A to Z Blog Chalenge - K

Letter K


This was the first word that came to my mind! I could write a "mushy" post about kissing, but I will spare you that! Haha! Instead, I will briefly tell you about my very first kiss and also my first kiss with David. My very first kiss was from a boy guy (he was much older than me!) that I didn't even know!! It was around Halloween and I was about 13 at the time. A friend (also about 13 years old) invited me to go with her and her cousin & his girlfriend (both who were around 18-20 years old) to a well-known haunted house in the Atlanta area. I was excited! My friend's cousin (Jay, I think) came to pick us up and as he was driving out of our apartment complex.... he stopped the car so that these two guys could get IN the car! My friend acted like she didn't know anything about it, but I realized real quick that she must have known because before I knew it... she was MAKING OUT with one of the guys in the back seat, right beside me!! Eww!! The "other guy" acted like he wanted to do this with ME! I just made small talk and tried to avoid him as best I could. This continued for the rest of the night. Finally, we were about to pull back into our apartment complex when Jay stopped the car and the two guys jumped out. Before I knew it, tho.... "my guy" had planted a kiss right on my lips!! It was a strange night to say the least! ~ Mine and David's first kiss (I was almost 17 and he was 18.) was on our first date. I was giving him a tour of Stone Mountain park. We had gotten out of the car many times to walk around, but finally, when we had gotten back into the car from one of our walks, we kissed!
It was the most wonderful kiss EVER!


I barely remember my Kindergarten class, but I do remember my teacher. Her name was Mrs. Patterson. She came to my house to meet me & my family before the first day of school. I remember that I was very shy and wouldn't talk to her. But, she was a very sweet, older lady. My Kindergarten was in a Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia. The only thing I remember doing in Kindergarten was using a big easel to paint. Back then, Kindergarten wasn't 5 days a week, either. It was only 2 or 3 mornings a week!

Key Chains

Ashley used to collect them when she was little. I think they were a "trendy" thing to collect at that time. She had them attached to her school backpack and she would "jingle" as she walked! LOL! David's mom even began collecting them for her and would send her some from Philadelphia, where she lived. I remember one in particular that she sent. It was a rubber saltine cracker! Too funny!


Kellogg's Pop Tarts were one of my VERY FAVORITE foods as a child! I ate them for breakfast just about every morning!! I loved them!! I didn't really like the ones without the frosting. My favorites were the brown-sugar-cinnamon, the strawberry & the chocolate with the white frosting & cream (can't remember the name). I still love Pop-Tarts, but don't buy them anymore due to the fact that they aren't so "nutritional". They are more like a "treat", now. When my girls were little, I tried to get them to like Pop-tarts, but they never did. I still don't understand why! LOL!

Key hole

My grandmother lived in a home that was built around 1930. This is where my mother grew up and the house that I spent a lot of time in as a child. The doorknobs of the house were BIG and they had key holes that you could look through! The keys that fit these doors were called "skeleton keys". (I never understood why) When I was little, we would spend every Christmas there. Santa would put my gifts under the Christmas tree that was in the living room. I would get up real early in the morning and sneak to try and peek through the keyhole to see what Santa had left for me! I never could see much, but I could always tell that he had come!


  1. love your list and i like that you started with the word go Kellogg's best thing ever pop tarts.

  2. A very interesting list Becky, but the Kiss is simply great :)



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