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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - H

Hello my friends! Just a little reminder that tomorrow there will not be a letter for the challenge and also... David and I are escaping for a few days for a little anniversary trip this weekend! YAY!! I'll see you at the end of the weekend!!

This post will be a short & sweet one! My ESCAPE awaits me!! :)

Letter H


I love reading about Heaven and what it might be like when I get there! I am not ready to die anytime soon, but I am not afraid TO die. I know that my life here on earth is only temporary and that Heaven is my ultimate destination.


I love hearts! Always have. I am very attracted to anything that has a heart on it. Back when we lived in Atlanta, my decorating style was more "country" than anything else, and most things that were country had hearts on them! If you came to my house today, you would still find hearts scattered here and there, but not as many. Hearts remind me of love, and love reminds me of God's love.


Ever since I can remember... I have had a "thing" for houses! I grew up living in Apartments so I guess that is where my fascination for houses came from. I especially loved houses that had stairs!! They were like mansions to me! I also remember having a furniture catalog from the Ethan Allen store. I would spend HOURS going thru it and imagining myself living in each room! I also spent a lot of my time designing houses. I would draw them out on paper, in a notebook that I kept. When I got older, I would buy magazines that had floorplans in them. I kept them for a long time, until we moved to Columbus and then I threw them away. Now, I miss them!


Growing up, I would wait each Summer for the big box of hand-me-down clothes to arrive from my cousins in Florida! My mother "made" most of my clothes, so to get this box of "store bought" clothes was a thrill for me! My girls didn't wear too many hand-me-downs when they were little. Not because I didn't want them to, but because we didn't have anyone to give us any. Ashley's best friend has been giving Ashley her hand-me-down's for years now and Ashley LOVES when her friend cleans out her closet!! Then, Miranda gets the leftovers of what Ashley doesn't want. It works out well!


As a child, not only did I have my Toy Fox Terrier, Penny... but, I had hamsters! I loved them! I don't remember in total how many I had, over the years. Probably 3 or 4. They either didn't live long or they would escape from their cages and then never found again! (They really are crafty little critters!) The one that I had the longest was named Queenie. She was blonde. I had her for about 3 years until she finally escaped and was never found again! I cried and cried!!! When my girls were little, we tried having hamsters. It didn't work out too well, so we said NO MORE!


  1. love your list and yay for hamster

  2. Thanks Becky for all the wonderful postings in the A to Z Blog Challenge. I stumbled across your blog tonight. It was nice getting to know you. I hope you enjoyed your escape.

  3. Hi Becca ~ Thank you! :)

    Hi Cookie! ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! Yes. My escape was quite nice! Too short, of course! :)



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