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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - J

Letter J


He is my 8 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. He is such a sweetie! Always has been. He has never been any trouble what-so-ever! My heart saddens as I think about him getting older. We lost our first Golden at the age of 9, when his kidneys suddenly shut down. It was horrible!! I know that it is something that you have to go thru with pets, but that doesn't make it any easier!


This is what my legs do!! They jerk. I have Restless Leg Syndrome. I am very thankful that there is medication that I can take to help calm my legs down, but I hate having to be on medication for the rest of my life. **Frown** RLS is NOT fun!! The "jerking" happens when your body is at rest. Something "misfires" in your brain, and your legs still think they are moving when they should be at rest. It is genetic. My mother has it, as well.


My heart still goes out to the people of Japan and the horrible natural disaster that they have been through and continue to deal with. 

Jelly Beans

This is one of my very favorite candies! I can not buy them, because I will eat them all! I don't really have a favorite color or flavor. I like them all! My favorite brands are Brach's & Jelly Bellies. Last Summer, when the girls and I went to Universal Studios in Florida, we went to Harry Potter World and we bought some of the "Bertie Botts Jelly Beans". In the movie... the jelly beans had flavors such as grass, black pepper and ear wax!! BLECH!!! But, the box of beans that we bought, tasted pretty normal. It was fun to try each flavor though! We had fun sitting in our hotel room trying to guess which flavor each bean was! I only had one nasty tasting one. It was a brown color. I'm still not sure what flavor it was!


I have a "thing" for jackets. I am attracted to them in stores! I have no idea why! LOL! I don't have a whole lot of jackets, but I have quite a few!


  1. My sister has your exact obsession too, she has a different jacket on everyday! We go on a annual trip in the fall and I swear she brings a different jacket for each day, it's no wonder she always has the most luggage. lol
    What a great post! :)

  2. Hi Snakesmom! ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and for becoming my newest follower! I have to laugh at your sister! Her obsession sounds a lot worse than mine! :)

  3. ok eaten the harry potter jellybeans and some of those are nasty but even more interesting is where jellybeans come from you have to watch this clip to understand.

  4. haaahaa!! Becca, thanks for the movie clip! How cute & funny! ;)



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