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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - E

Letter E


Well, of course with Easter right around the corner... Easter is on my mind! If you saw in my previous post, I pulled my little bunnies down from the attic and I am working on finding them a temporary home until they go back up in the attic for another year! Of course, bunnies are not the real reason for Easter. The real meaning of Easter is to celebrate the fact that 2,000 years ago Christ, our Lord & Savior, was crucified (put to death by being nailed to a cross). He was then laid to rest in a tomb, but after three days he rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty. He died to save all people of the world, from their sins. I think that it's wonderful that Easter arrives in the Spring, because both are about "new life".


I love Geneology and tracing my family heritage. I recently traced my Father's surname to England. I traced it all the way back to the year 1225! I used what little information that I knew about my family and by way of, found out even more! Through blogging, I have a new and dear friend (and fellow blogger!) that lives near the same area of England that my ancestors were from! I would love for you to check out her blog at Southhamsdarling. She would love it if you stopped by! My dream is to someday (hopefully soon!) be able to visit this part of England and walk where my ancestors walked, and maybe even meet up with my "blogging buddy" over there, as well!


Do you have a favorite word?? Would you believe that one of my favorites is.. Egypt?? Hahaa. I'm sure you are curious to know why in the world would I pick this as my favorite word! No. It is not a word that I "say" often. It is just such a fun word to write in cursive!!! -- Go ahead! Try it out!! -- I love the way that the letters flow as you write the word! I know. Not many of us even write in cursive anymore. My cursive is kind of a blend between cursive and print! Are teachers still teaching cursive in school?? I don't even know. Makes me wonder!


Yes. You are probably wondering why I would pick this word of all words that start with E. I am not sure why either, but "pierced ears" came to my mind. When I was a young teenage girl, I wanted so badly to get my ears pierced like all of my friends. But, my daddy would always say... "No. If God wanted you to have holes in your ears, then he would have put them there in the first place!" I'm pretty sure that he used a stern voice when he said this because I think I asked him begged quite frequently! He wouldn't budge on it, tho! I hope you don't think badly of me when I tell you this... but, after he died (I was 18)... I went and got them pierced!


Ahhhh..... the thing that most of us dread in this world! Why can't we all just have perfect bodies and be able to eat whatever it is that we wanted and not gain a single pound or inch??? It sure seems like there ARE people in this world that are lucky enough to be able to do this, but I am (unfortunately) not one of them! Exercise and I have a long history. When I was a teenager, I guess I had a high metabolism because I ate JUNK and was a STICK! But... adulthood came along and... BAM! Goodbye high metabolism! Hello unwanted, overweight, pounds! UGH! For the past 26 years, my weight and I have battled! Unfortunately, I rarely win any of the battles! Right now... I am doing "ok" with exercise. I am trying, but the pounds are not going anywhere! They seem to like where they are and they aren't moving out!


  1. Lots of great thoughts for the letter E. My parents were dead set against me having my ears pierced so I just did it myself when I was 17! I only got in a 'little' trouble.

  2. Hi Linda ~ Thank you! Haahaa! I'm glad that you only got into a "little" trouble! :)

  3. Hi dear friend. I can't believe that Easter will soon be with us (although it's a little later this year). It only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas. Aaaw, thanks for the mention there Becky, and I would love it if you did visit this part of the world! I'm not very good at the old exercise thing either, although I know I really should.

  4. Hi This! ~ Yes. The year is already flying by! I know that my girls don't feel this way while they are in school, tho! LOL!



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