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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - V

Oops!! I'm a day late!!! Sorry about that!

Letter V


This is one of my very favorite scents!


We have had quite a few dogs over the years now, and I STILL dread taking them to the vet each time they have to go! The veterinarian (Vet) seems to almost always find something wrong with my beloved pets, and then he/she (right now it is a "she") makes me feel like I am this terrible "parent" that does not take care of my "child"! We were lucky this past time, when Jackson had to go. The vet didn't say anything negative about him. Whew!! Chester's turn is coming up in May. I sure hope that we can breeze thru that visit as well!


This is something that I have to do quite frequently because of us having long-haired dogs. I was thankful when David splurged last year and bought me a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner! It does the job very well!


When it comes to the TV, my family is constantly fussing over how loud or how soft the volume should be. David is a bit hard of hearing, and prefers to have the TV turned up quite LOUD! This is fine, if there is a lot of noise in the house and you are trying to watch TV while cooking dinner. (My kitchen is open to my family room) But, if the house is quiet and the only noise is the TV..... there is no reason to have it up so loud! When I have control of the remote, I like to turn the volume down during comercials. Makes sense, right? :)


One of my favorite words! Too bad these don't come around too often. Yes.... David and I "escape" every now and then for a night or two away, but I don't consider these "Vacations". To me... a vacation is when you go away for 4 to 5 days or more. Last year, my big vacation was to Orlando with the kids to go to Universal Studios. This year... David and I have a week planned in June to go camping at the beach.


  1. hey sis ..yes to vanilla and vacation. vaccuum well it's a daily evil. vet never been to one as i don't have pets that need to go thank goodness for a dwarf hamaster and volume my son's theory is if it is to loud then you're to old.

  2. Hi Becca ~ LOL!! At what your son says!! :0)

  3. I like the sound of vacation dear Becky!! A lot of people seem to like the taste and smell of vanilla. I certainly do. That animal vacuum sounds like a jolly good idea! You're nearly at the end of this particular challenge. Then what will you write about?!!

  4. Ooh! I have no idea, This! Hopefully, I can get back to writing more interesting posts! :)



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