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Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Blog - I

David and I had a fun time on our little "escape" to Atlanta for the weekend! I'll have to write and tell you about our adventures in another post! For now.... on to letter I.

Letter I


I love watching American Idol on TV each year. My girls and I began watching it the year that Fantasia won. We weren't watching because of her, but because we knew (sort-of) Diana DiGarmo who was the runner-up to Fantasia! Diana went to the same church that we went to when we lived in Atlanta. She was in Ashley's Sunday School class and was involved in a lot of the same activities. She and Ashley were never really friends, but Ashley remembers her. We have a few pictures and videos where we "think" we see Diana, but can not prove it. Anyway.... this year's Idol show is very good!! My favorites are Scotty & Lauren, but everyone that is on the show is so extremely talented!! Any one of them could win!


This is the word that I use to call someone when they do something stupid. It normally is never anyone that I actually "know". It is usually someone that I see on TV or when I am driving. There are so many stupid drivers out there doing some really dumb (and dangerous!) things! So, when I see them... I say... "What an idiot!" or... "You, idiot!".  Of course, they can not hear me! Thankfully!


Most of these little "buggy" creatures don't bother me. There are only a few that do, such as spiders!!!! I don't mind the little tiny ones.... but.... Ew!! I do NOT like the big ones!!! I will scream and pitch a fit if one is in my house!! I have been known to crawl up on my kitchen counter if there is one in my house and scream for someone to come and kill it! What is NOT fun is when I am home alone and one of these creepy creatures goes hurrying across my floor!! I have had to be brave and kill them myself. BLECH!!!!


I love, love, love the beach!! So, escaping to an island would be WONDERFUL and has been wonderful the few times that I have been to one! Nothing beats that tropical breeze, the sun and the crystal clear, aqua blue waters!! Of course, I have to have some shade, tho! Can't handle too much sun!


While David and I were in Atlanta this past weekend, we went to the Ikea store that is there. WOW!! What a store!! We actually got lost just trying to get inside the store!! It was very crowded, too! I think people came from all over to go shopping that day! The store has a little bit of everything. From furniture to lighting fixtures. From dishes to appliances. We had a fun time checking it out!


  1. Funny, on Saturday Peter and I went to IKEA too, some nice things for the guest room. Glad you had some good times, can't wait to read about it!

  2. Look forward to hearing about your Atlanta trip. Glad you had a great time. There you are with that word again - BLECH!! I've never heard it before, but it always makes me smile! I hate insects and, in particular, ants. Ugh! They really give me the creeps. Oh! I'll come on that tropical island with you!

  3. A lot of great "I"s for today's post! I'm the same way about spiders...well most insects in general really lol. And I could sure use an island vacation right about now! I followed you over from Cookie's blog and I have your 'Journaling My Journey' blog up as well to check out. :-)

  4. Claudia ~ That is neat that you were at Ikea on Saturday, too! I didn't buy anything, but hope to go back up there next month! :)

    Hi This ~ Haahaa! Glad that I could make you laugh! I still need to blog about my trip. It's been a busy day!

    Hello SweetMarie ~ Thanks for adding my blogs to your list! :)

  5. me too love American Idol it's where my obession for Adam Lambert began as well my love of Daughtery, kelly clarkson and quite a few others. this year is turning out to be really good though i was shocked to see Pia go. plus score a bonus for having Stphen tyler as a judge totally grew up listening to him.

  6. Hi Becca ~ Yes. Adam is good. I love Daughtery! And Kelly is amazing! Yes... Pia is an awesome singer! She will go far, I'm sure. It is fun watching Stephen tyler on there! And I love Jennifer lopez!

  7. Hi Becky! haven't had much of a chance to write lately...trouble with some of my blog. But I did want to stop by-I like your description on "idiot"! And I am the same way, always saying "idiot" under my breath. My husband Karo and I say it to each other about people, but neither one of us can say it to anyone's face. This is funny-I bet plenty of people can identify. Hope you're doing well!

  8. Hi Susan! ~ Sorry to hear about your blog troubles. Hope you get it straightened out. Yes... Idiot is my "word" for people that I think are doing stupid things! Haha! I say it all the time!



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