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Monday, April 18, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - O

Letter O


Up until just a few years ago, you would have never heard me say.... "Oysters are yummy!" I always thought that they were pretty "yucky" and I had no desire to eat them! Then, a friend introduced them to me at a get together. I had a RAW one on a saltine with hot sauce! Surprisingly, it really wasn't that bad! Then, I had one that was broiled in the oven with a chunk of Parmesan cheese on it!! Oh my!!! It was sooooo yummy! I think I ate several of those! Then, when David and I traveled to New Orleans in the Fall of 2009, I introduced him to them! We ate them cooked, tho. He still hasn't had any raw ones!


This is something that my mother now has with her at all times. Since she has developed Congestive Heart Failure, she has had to be on oxygen pretty much 24/7.


This is something that, as a child, I would NOT eat! Now, I love them! I can still remember not liking McDonald's hamburgers because they had little bits of onions on them. I would scrape them off every time! Now, David and I add them to just about everything that we cook. It's funny how our tastes change.


I "like" olives, but they are not something that really like. However, Ashley REALLY likes black olives! She could eat a whole can of them in one sitting! I like green ones in my salad sometimes, and I like sliced black ones on my pizza.


This is something that I try to be. I try very hard to keep my house and things organized, but I don't always succeed. Having EVERYTHING organized would be wonderful!!! If I could have free reign in a Container Store, that would make my day!!


  1. i hate oysters and olives. love onions. i try to be organized but don't always succeed and sorry about your mom

  2. Hello I saw your blog while searching for some blog challenges. I'm definitely joining the A-Z challenge one of these days.

    Do you know other blog challenge?

    I'm Katrina from

    I hope you could drop by. :-)

  3. Hello Mikimoto Angel ~ I'm so glad that you stopped by to visit my blog! I don't really do blog challenges on a regular basis, but I have done similar ones in the past. I will most definitely visit your blog! :)



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