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Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up


Life has been rather busy around here, lately! My blog "postings" and my blog "readings" have been few and far between, it seems! I guess being BUSY is a good thing. It means that I am staying active and there are a lot of things going on in my life. If that weren't the case.... then, I would be sitting around, being bored!

Here's just a bit of what's been going on around here ---

David has been working on rebuilding our "retaining wall" in our back yard. He started the project at the beginning of April and just finished it over this past weekend. It took him a LOT longer than he had expected, but it looks great!! The wall was first built about 10 years ago, when we had our in ground pool put in. David used landscape timbers back then, but knew that they were only going to be "temporary". Ha!! Ten years later....... they are just NOW getting replaced! I should have taken a "before" photo and then a "during" (maybe more than one!) photo before showing you the "after" photos. Oops! You can get the idea from these photos, tho.

The wall looks GREAT and I am happy to now have have my Lantana planted in the flower beds again! (The other ones didn't survive.)

The steps still need to be "tweaked" just a little. We didn't measure quite right!

I am SO HAPPY that my rose bush is doing so well!!

My poor garden needs som work! And our grass..... welll, we are working on that, as well!

The bricks are surrounding a small seedling that I found. I "think" it is from one of my previous plants and is trying to survive! ~ The pool looks inviting, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's still a too chilly to swim, just yet! Maybe by this time next month. -- Maybe!

Here's a look at my garden when I first got everything planted.

This picture is from July 4, 2006. David had almost completed our screened in porch. You can see how the "Great Wall" used to look. (These are friends of ours in the picture. Not us!)

David also built a pen for our dogs. Now, my flowers will should SURVIVE the jaws of Chester! LOL! My "Knock Out" Rose bush is coming back, beautifully!!!! And my Stella de Ora Daylilly is coming back, too! YAY!! My plans are to add more flowers and plants to this garden.

The dogs now have their OWN yard! YAY!

We have had two nights of tornado weather, too!! The first night (two weeks ago), was mostly just high winds and a LOT of rain! But, the second (just this past Friday) was VERY SCARY! We had two tornado WARNINGS!! The first one was about 7:30 in the evening and the second was in the middle of the night, about 3:15am!! Both storms, luckily, passed to the north of us. I didn't get much sleep that night! Tornadoes fascinate and scare me, both at the same time. I would love to see one ---- from a SAFE distance! --- but, I am terrified of them, just the same.

Thursday, I got my hair cut and my highlights redone. My stylist did a GREAT job! I only wish that I could style it the way that she did! LOL! I have had many compliments, which is always nice!

I switched gyms last week, too. I have gone back to Curves for Women. I used to belong to this gym and then I lost my job and quit because of the cost. Then, back around Thanksgiving of last year, I joined Gold's Gym because it was cheaper. But, after several months of "trying" to lose weight by going to Gold's.... I decided that I need to go back to Curves. I was actually able to LOSE weight when I was a member there, so... I think it is where I am supposed to be. I started the Curves Diet today. (Wish me luck on that one!!) I do great at exercise, but "dieting" is NOT my thing! I struggle with it, BIG TIME! Food temptations get the best of me.... always!

I have also been researching my family history again. This time it is my paternal grandmother's lineage that I am tracking. Genealogy is such fun! I had "thought" that my grandmother was from Birmingham, Alabama.... but, discovered that she was actually from the county that I live in RIGHT NOW!! Unbelievable!! I was blown away by this new found fact!! My plans are to go to the county courthouse and do some research there, soon. I want to see if I can find the cemetery where my ancestor's are buried. If I can find that... it will, hopefully, answer a LOT of unanswered questions!!

My girls are winding down their Spring Semester of college and are EXTREMELY stressed at the moment! I barely saw either of them last week. Thankfully, we had a very nice day together yesterday. We laughed and everyone's stress was forgotten for the day! But, today is Monday and they are already running around getting ready to start their week.

My poor Ashley has also had the added stress of having relationship problems with her boyfriend this past week! (NOT good timing!!) I won't go into details, but it looks like they have worked things out... for now. There's almost nothing worse than seeing your child broken-hearted!

I hope that catches you up a little bit on my life, lately!

God Bless!


  1. Gosh, that was quite a post there Becky! So much to tell us about. David did a really good job with that brickwork. It looks much better now, I think. I am still very envious of your gorgeous swimming pool! Good luck with your dieting, and I hope that Ashley is okay. As you say, this is really not good timing! Good news that the dogs have got their own yard now! There's hope for your plants yet!! With having the family here, I have been behind leaving comments as well, but I guess this is going to happen sometimes. Take care.

  2. Hi This! ~ Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Hope you are enjoying your family! :)

  3. You know being busy is great, your mind and body is occupied and above all you seem to have fun, this is simply great! Happy for you and for sure David did a great job!

  4. Thank you for that reminder, Claudia! You are so right! :)

  5. wow you've been busy and what a beautiful house you have, the pool looks very inviting.thanks for sharing all the great pictures

  6. Wow! you packed a lot into that post! It was fun to read :)

    Your yard and projects look good.

    Years ago I told my husband that I wanted to paint and feather paint the ugly paneling in our living room and he said as long as I didn't mind my work getting ripped out when he replaces the walls. Sixteen years later I still have my painted walls (and have never tired of them).

  7. Oh Becky, your wall and backyard look so good. And, yes, your pool looks very inviting. We've not gotten as far as you on our yard. But I have back problems now and don't last long as I used to. So we've had to let some flower beds go. I've enjoyed gardening and landscaping for years. This is a wonderful post. Hope your girls get thru school with less stress. Have a good week.

  8. Hi Brownie ~ Thank you! Yes. I felt the need to write a "real" post since I have been doing the A to Z challenge... which is fun, too! I remember feather painted rooms! I had a friend that did that to her room. I sponge painted two rooms in our previous house, but when we went to sell it, our realitor suggested that we paint paint "neutral" colors instead. ((HUGS)) to you!

  9. Hi Susan ~ Somehow your post just now appeared on my list! Oops! I am thankful that David does a lot of the hard work! ~ Thank you for the sweet thoughts for my girls. :)

  10. Hey Becky. I sent you an email. I apologize for it not being entirely long. lol, or maybe thats a good thing. Anyways, the vanity is new. Everything in the bathroom except the tolit and tub is pretty much new. We just had the tub refinished, because its a larger tub and cast iron (which keeps the water hotter longer) would have been a waste to have had that replaced. I thought about refinishing the vanity that was in our bathroom but it was wood with a picture of wood on it (laminate I think is what the called it). So we bought a solid wood cabinet from Home Depot. The countertop came from Home Depot as well. The countertop and vanity were both $200 each, I guess the price of solid wood is the price of granit... Have I told you have thrilled I am that the bathroom is finished!?!?! The garage will be 95% complet tomorrow! If it would stop raining here long enough for us to paint the shed that would be nice!!!

    PS: I love your back yard!!! Pools in Wyoming are a bad idea unless you have an indoor pool and unfortunatlly for us we are young kids on a budget... maybe someday I will have a hot tub!

    Thanks for the comments lately, I know I've been a slacker... but that doesnt mean I haven't been reading! Your husband did a great job on the yard!!! I know you managed it well, sometimes thats what a wife is for ;) I do it to my husband all the time!!! LOL! Night!

  11. Hi Heather!! ~ Thanks for writing. I did get your email (YAY!) and will write back as soon as I can! ((HUGS))

  12. P.S. Will you have an Easter tablescape, or did I miss it? Love your Easter Blog decor!

  13. Hi Susan! ~ No. you haven't missed it! Haha!! I am running behind on that one! I haven't found the right plates yet to go with my decor. I may have to go with paper ones and maybe find what I REALLY want after Easter. ~ I'll make sure you know when I get it done! ((HUGS)) to you!!

  14. Goodness this post was a lot to take in, certainly busy times. Happy Easter xx

  15. Hi LindyLou ~ Yes. Busy, busy, busy!! :) Happy Easter to you, as well!



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