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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - F

I apologize for writing later in the day, today. I've been a little busy today!

I went to the library today in Columbus, GA to get help with my genealogy research on my paternal grandmother. I knew nothing more than her maiden name and brother's name. I was under the impression that she was born in Alabama, but found out today that not only was she actually born here in Georgia, but she was also born in the same county that I live in now!! I had no idea!!

I also did a little shopping today! **Smile**

Now.... on with the Blog Challenge!

Letter F


Well, of course, this word was my first thought. Family means EVERYTHING to me! My immediate family, my extended family, and my ancestors.


I have... and, have had.... many friends in my life. When I was little, my very best friend was Chrissy. We met when we were about 3 years old and remained friends until high school. This was when I reluctantly had to move from the home that I had spent most of my life in to a new home, further away, in a different school system. Amazingly (before Facebook!) we reconnected thru mutual friends as adults. This was when I lived in Atlanta. Then, after I moved 100 miles away, to Columbus Georgia, Chrissy and I slowly lost touch. Sadly... she is not on Facebook and I wish that she was. When I was pregnant with Miranda, I met a wonderful friend who was pregnant, too. That was 20 years ago, and we are still friends! Unfortunately, she lives in Atlanta, too. But, our friendship has survived and I can pretty much say that she is my VERY BEST FRIEND. I have friends here, but after 13 years.... I have still not found as good of a friend as she is!   


I love flowers, as most women do. When I was little, my favorite flower was the Tulip. Then, as I got older, my favorite became the Pansy. Now, I really like the Gerber Daisy. Flowers make me happy, but I have told David NOT to waste money on buying them for me, unless I can either plant them in a pot or in my yard! Fresh cut flowers are very pretty, but I hate that they don't last very long.


I thought of this "F" word -- LOL! -- because of something funny that I heard this week. Miranda is pet-sitting for a family that we go to church with. The family has a small catfish pond on their property. One of the "pets" that Miranda has to feed is.... the catfish!! That's not the funny part of the story, tho. The family also has a dog and apparently the dog likes to go fishing for the catfish!!! Miranda witnessed this the other night when she went to feed the fish! Luckily her boyfriend was with her and helped her get the fish from the dog! I would have loved to have been there to see that!!


Can't have an "F" list without this word! Ha! As I have said before, Facebook is an amazing creation that I am thankful for. It has been so much fun reconnecting with high school friends, church youth group friends and family. Thank you Facebook creators!!


  1. Hi Becky! No need to apologize for being late!! Hey, you tantalized us there, with "I did a little shopping today" - AND?? what did you buy, that's what I want to know. Never mind about catfish and facebook (LOL!!!). Only kidding! It's funny how we can have friends, but only that certain one is our very best friend, isn't it?! Female friendships are SO important in my life. When the family move out and you get a little older, they really are a wonderful support network. Hope you have a super weekend. My family are arriving, and the weather is gorgeous at the moment, so I do hope it will last!! Hugs.

  2. Hi This! ~ Haahaa... Yes. I did tease you just a bit, didn't I?? :) Well, David and I are escaping to Atlanta tomorrow for a little weekend get-away. We are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary a little early. I was in need of a brown blouse, so I was on the HUNT for that! I finally found one and... two more!! One in light pink & one in white! (Not the same as the brown, but different.) I also bought a scarf to go with the brown blouse, and a bracelet & necklace!! :) Yes! Friends are so very important to us!! I miss having my good friend close by. I pray that you have a wonderful visit with your family! Give that puppy a hug for me!! :)

  3. i listed facebook as well and i totally love your list friends and family are always important to have

  4. Thanks, Becca! ~ I just realized that I goofed and titled this post letter "E"!! It's fixed now! I was tired when I wrote it. :)



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