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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlanta Trip - April 2011

Before all of the memories completely leave my brain... let me tell you a little bit about mine & David's trip escape to Atlanta last weekend.

We left the house on Saturday morning, about 8:00am. We arrived in downtown Atlanta right near 10:00am. Our first destination was Atlantic Station. (You can click on the link and go to the website.) It is an urban development where people can live, work & shop all in the same place. I had heard about it and wanted to check it out. Plus... Miranda really wants to go to an exhibit that they have there called... "The Bodies" and I wanted to FIND IT before I drove up there, myself.

David and I parked in the underground parking lot, under Dillard's. We took the escalator up to the ground level and made our way through the store to the street. The streets were basically empty! Hardly a soul in sight! We walked around for about an hour, checking the place out. There were mostly mall-type stores there and some restaurants. David is not much of a shopper, so we started looking for The Bodies exhibit so that I would know where it was when I brought Miranda. It took us FOREVER to find it! We finally found it UPSTAIRS on the second level!

Here are a few pictures that I took. You can see more if you go to the website. ---

The Cinema

Stores are on the street level and apartments are above. You can see Dillard's at the end of this street.

"The Bodies" was in an upstairs area.
We were rather disappointed with the area. We had planned to eat lunch there, but it was still only 11:00am and we were ready to go.

Our next stop was to the Ikea store nearby. It was REALLY neat! First of all... you have to park in the underground parking deck. Then, you have to make your way up to the store. It was like a maze trying to get there!

As we approach the store to look for parking.

Once we actually "entered" the store... it was like a shopping experience that I had never had before! It's hard to describe just how this store was displayed. You would have to see it in person to understand. Here are a few pics that I took inside the store of many of the kitchens that they have on display.

Here's David, checking out this beautiful kitchen! I really like this island!! Look at all of those drawers!

I liked the turquoise color choice for the cabinets and dishes in this one!

This "flowers" on this chandelier felt like they were made of paper! So different and so pretty!

I love the "country" feel of this kitchen.

I liked the color of cabinets in this one.
After wandered through Ikea, we headed for our hotel to see if we could check in, and we did! I wasn't very impressed with the hotel. The bed was quite comfy and it had a wonderful flat-screen TV, but I have gotten spoiled by the other MUCH nicer hotels that we have stayed at --- even tho this one was a 4-star hotel! Here are a few pics of the room that I took.

David and I have decided that we simply MUST have some "down" pillows for our own bed at home!

We were on the 11th floor, I think.

Yes. The TV was VERY NICE! -- Would love to have one of these in our bedroom at home, as well!

I love checking out the bathrooms at the hotels that we stay at. This one DID have a HUGE shower, which was nice.

The "lighting" in the bathroom was terrible!

Here are a few photos of the "view" from our room as well as some of the hall windows.

This was our view to the North.

Down below... right near our hotel... was THIS PLACE! -- It is a well-known, "Gentleman's Club" in Atlanta! LOL!

A view, south, towards the Georgia Dome where "my" Atlanta Falcon's play!

I took this picture for Miranda! --- She works for the Publix store, where we live!

Another view towards the Northeast. Somewhere over that way... past the buildings... is Piedmont Park. David and I walked there before we left on Sunday.

A nice view towards downtown Atlanta.
Once we checked into our hotel, we put on our walking shoes and exlpored the area... "Midtown Atlanta". We found a place to eat lunch and scouted out a place for dinner and drinks, later. We were in an area very close to the Georgia Tech campus, so there were LOTS of young, college students around. But, that was ok! I enjoyed chatting with some of them!

In the morning, we ate at Waffle House! YUM!! Their pecan waffles are the BEST!

We had a wonderful time pre-celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary (April 19th) and can't wait to go back again, soon!


  1. Lovely pictures and glad you love IKEA. For Peter and I this is a very dangerous place, we always find something!

  2. Lots of good photos there, Becky, and I'm glad you enjoyed the break with David. I love looking around Ikea as well. We have to drive about 2 hours to get to one from Devon, but in Paris where the family live, there are NINE!

  3. Hello Claudia ~ YES! I can see why it is a dangerous place!! It's a good thing the Atlanta Ikea store isn't close by to me! Haha!

    Thank you, This! ~ NINE stores! WOW! I would be in trouble!! :)

  4. i would love to visit Atlanta as well as Savannah. thanks for sharing great pics

  5. Becky glad you had a good time. I'm afraid Atlantic Station turned into a bust! It has become a very crime ridden area so most stay away from there. IKEA is the highlight of that area. Sounds like you had fun in MidTown!

  6. Hi Becca ~ Yes. Savannah is on our list of places to go, too!

    Hi Linda ~ That's a shame that the area like that. It didn't "seem" to be, but I can see now why there were no people there. I hope Miranda and I will be safe when we go back in May to see "The Bodies" exhibit! ~ Yes. We did have fun in midtown. :)



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