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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - W

Letter W


Right now the WEATHER is on my mind! We are at risk of tornadoes this evening and tonight and I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes!! I like thunderstorms, but NOT tornadoes! I get this from my mother who was always afraid of them. Because of her... I am a "weather watcher". She was this way and I guess I have taken on this trait from her. Before my mother had her stroke and "knew what was going on in the world"... she would always call me and say... "Have you heard about the weather?" It used to aggravate me, but now I understand why she did this. I get nervous when there is bad weather about and my family is scattered all over town! This morning, I made sure that I knew what my girls schedules were and what time that they would be home. I told them to "be aware of the weather" and "keep in touch if you are going to be late". **Smile**


The thought of the weather brings me to thought of "windows". I HAVE to be able to see out!! I do not like being in rooms that do not have windows for very long. This is ESPECIALLY true if bad weather is coming or already here! 


This word came to my mind because of the upcoming Royal Wedding this week! Yes. We Americans (at least some of us!) are fascinated with royalty and the happenings with the Royal Family of Great Britain. For me... It is like they live the "fairytale" life that all little girls dream of! I was in high school when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. I remember thinking how "fairytale-like-ish" their wedding was and how in awe I was of her! I am wondering if I will have the same feelings when Miss Kate Middleton marries her Prince Charming - Prince William. I can't wait to see her dress! Here, where I live, the TV stations will start their coverage of the wedding at 4:00am!!! No.... I will not be getting up then to watch! I plan to DVR it, tho!! **Smile**


This is a word that dislike very much because I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life! I want so very badly to be thin! It just doesn't seem that I am supposed to be.


I like to drink water, but I know that I don't drink enough of it. I get bored with it and want something with flavor! I really DO need to drink more of it, tho. Also... when I think of water... I think of bodies of water, such as the ocean or a lake, river, or swimming pool. I grew up living in apartments and we always had a swimming pool. From the time I was 3 years old until 12 years old... I had a swimming pool right outside my back door! It was great! I did go to the beach with my parents in the summer. We would go with my aunt, uncle & cousin who lived in Florida. We would mostly go to Clearwater Beach. I always liked the ocean, but never went too far out in it.This is still true today. Although.. I really only like it if the water is clear! I was never around lakes or rivers much as a child. As a teenager and young adult, I was more. As I have gotten older.... I really do NOT like rivers & lakes! I do not like them because I can not see what is IN the water! To me... rivers and lakes are NASTY!


  1. hey sis another great post and of course two more things in common

  2. Good post there for the letter W. By the way, I have noticed recently that Becca has taken my place in your affections!!!! (LOL!! Only kidding!). I can't see why you can't be up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding!! I must admit that I am starting to get really excited about it now. I do hope that the tornado will NOT arrive in your part of the world. They must be pretty scary I would think. Take care.

  3. Hi Becca ~ Yes. The list keep growing!! :)

    Hi This ~ You silly girl!! You will ALWAYS have a VERY special place in my heart!! :) ~ Knowing me... I WILL be up at 4:00 to watch the wedding! I'm sure that Miranda will be! Ha! ~ Thankfully, we did not have any tornado damage. We were up until 1:00am watching the weather. At Midnight, we were hovering in our "safe place" becuase of news that a tornado was forming near our town. It was quite scary. Many lives and homes lost thru out the Southeast, tho. So sad.

  4. Good job with the letters. I love your dogs. It is a chore taking them to the vet. They don't much like it either but it is worth it. (Of course, one of my son-in-laws is a vet so I have to support the practice of veterinary medicine!) I hope I can get up at 4 for the weding, although it may be closer to 5.

  5. Hi Candy ~ Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I dread taking my dogs to the vet, but I know very well, that it is necessary. I am getting excited about the wedding and will probably end up getting up early to watch it! ;)



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