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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - P

I didn't blog for the letter "P" yesterday, so I am a day behind!! Oops!! I'll post for "Q" later today.

Letter P


Yep! That's me! A procrastinator! I will put things off and put things off until the last minute!! I work better under pressure sometimes, anyway. But.... on the other hand.... I am a "planner" as well. I like to have things planned out way in advance, but of course, life gets in the way sometimes and those plans don't work out. THAT is when I get upset!! **Smile**

Peanut Butter

Isn't it fun to open a fresh jar of peanut butter and then stick your finger in it (or a big spoon, like I do!) and then just lick it!!! YUM!! Jackson, my older Golden, really likes peanut butter! You can not open the jar without him right by your side! And of course, then you have to give him some!

Pens vs. Pencils

If I have my choice, I will pick a pen over a pencil. The only way that I like a pencil is if it is freshley sharpened! The mechanical pencils are nice, because they usually stay sharper, but they can be tricky. You have to have a decent one. Then, you also have the problem with the little tiny eraser dying before you run out of lead! (or at least, I do!) And then you can't put one of those colorful pencil-top erasers on the mechanical pencils when they run out of lead. The wooden pencils have to be continously sharpened, and half the time, the erasers on them are as hard as a rock!! I end up putting on one of those colorful pencil-top erasers on them, and the darn thing falls off as I erase!! --- Yes. I would much rather use a pen and just "scratch out" what I mess up!! **Smile**

Power Trips

There are people in my life that love to be on these --- "Power Trips". They enjoy being in control and will let you know it!! These are NOT my favorite people to be around!


As I am sure that you do.... I have MANY of them!! I have them stored in albums and in boxes. And since the digital cameras became popular... I now have them stored on my computer and on flash drives! I enjoy taking pictures and I enjoy having them. I worry about if my house caught on fire and losing my pictures. I would be the most upset, if I lost pictures of my Daddy and of my childhood. I can not replace those. I guess I need to scan them into my computer, too and put then save them to flash drives, too. Ohhhhh..... I feel that procrastination coming on!! Look out!!!


  1. love yout P list but i have to say i choose pencil over pen because then i could earse

  2. Becky my friend, first of all I feel I should apologize for not being quite so up to date with my commenting of other people's posts at the moment! I hope you will understand and, next week, I will be back to normal. It's just that family time is so precious and I feel that I have to make the most of it. I love peanut butter too. Mmmm! I'm not really a procrastinator. If I want something done, I want it done yesterday!! You will know from my blog posts that I love photographs as much as you. I have so many of my mum and dad when they were children. I guess I should try to do something with them to keep them safe, as, like you said, they could never be replaced. I hope all is well with you over there. Hugs.

  3. Hi This ~ No need to apologize!! You have family in town and FAMILY is THE most important thing!! I know that you just be enjoying yourself! :) I have been behind on my blog readings & posting comments, as well. It seems that I have been extra busy since Spring got here and extra tired, too!! ~ Just keep in touch when you can! :)

  4. Hi Gramma! ~ LOL!! Looks like we have the same middle name! :)



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