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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - T

Letter T


I get excited when I hear thunder in the distance! I enjoy thunderstorms... as long as they are not severe and include Tornadoes! It's funny, tho. I only enjoy them if I am home. If I am not at home, I am wishing that I was! I guess it is that "safe" feeling of home, that helps me to enjoy the thunderstorms. I would also rather them come during the day, rather than at night, so that I can enjoy them more!


I thought this word was appropriate because no matter what age we are... we still have them!! Kids have toy truck, cars & dolls. Teens have their Ipods, video games, & cell phones. Adults even have theirs in the form of Ipods, laptops, motorcycles, sports cars, electronics, etc. The list could go on and on! Even our pets have toys!! For me.... my toys are my Ipod Touch, my laptop, & my camera. What would you consider your toys to be??


This is a new hobby of mine that I have just starting enjoy over the past few months. I first learned about them from a friend of mine who showed me a book of hers that combined cooking & table decor. The author is Sandra Lee and she has a TV show on the Food Network called "Semi Homemade". Anyway... I now enjoy reading and seeing what my fellow blogger's tablescapes are! It is a wonderful way to get ideas! **** I have finally finished my Easter Tablescape and will be posting those pictures in a seperate blog, later. Be sure to check back!! (I will also post a "link" HERE, for that blog post when I am done with it!)


I love to travel enjoy traveling!! Who doesn't?? I love to see new places and visit old favorites. The place that I REALLY want to go to right now is England! Miranda really wants to go there, as well. I am hoping that when she graduates college in two years (hopefully!), the two of us can make our dreams come true by going there! One of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to was Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was soooooo pretty with it's big Amish farms, with all of their greenery and the colorful clothes hanging out to dry! It was just such a beauiful and also "peaceful" place!


I enjoy trees, very much! I am so thankful that of where I live. Our house is surrounded by so many beautiful trees! We live on 2.25 acres and almost all of it is trees! Only in the winter, can I see the houses that are next door to mine. I like that! We have many "hardwoods", such as Oak, Poplar, Maple and my favorite... Dogwood! They have the most beautiful white blooms in the Spring! We also have Cedar, Holly and the good ol' Georgia Pine trees! I was sitting out in my back yard yesterday, just looking at MY trees and enjoying the beauty of them. I also thought about how I would love to learn more about the trees that I have. I can recognize many of them, but I also know that there are several different types of Oak trees and I do not know the differences. I am sure that there are other trees that I have that I don't even know that I have!!

Here's a recent photo that I took of our new dog pen. This is just a "sampling" of the many trees that I get to enjoy every day!


  1. My toys are definitely my iPhone, my laptop and my camera! I love trees as well, especially in the Autumn when the leaves change to such magnificent colours. I love your tablescapes. You have shared yours with us, and I am always very envious of how you manage to put everything together. I do hope that you and your lovely family have a very joyous and blessed Easter dear friend. ((Hugs)).

  2. great list as always sis hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend

  3. Thank you, This!! ~ Happy Easter to you, as well! May you have a wonderfully blessed day!

    Becca ~ Thank you, Sis! Happy Easter to you, as well! May God Bless you! :)

  4. I also love tablescapes! It's so nice to know that you are also enjoying doing some art like such. We are having a celebration this week and I'm planning to have cranberries, flowers and floating candles on our table. Excited much! :)

  5. That's great Nicole! ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :)



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