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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bunnies

Easter is approaching and I am beginning to think about my Easter Tablescape.

One of my objectives during my Spring Break Week... which is this week.... was to get up in my attic and do some organizing and to also find my Easter decorations! I did find my Easter box, and I did do some organizing... but, there is still a LOT left to do! But... that is going to have to wait until another day. I'm pooped!

I thought I would give you a "sneak peak" at my collection of Easter goodies! Of course... these are of the "Bunny" kind. **Smile**

Here are "some" of the pieces in my collection as they made their way out of the box.

Still more in the box, waiting to come out!

My poor Easter Tree is looking a little sad.

I put the tiny ornaments on my tree and it looks a lot better! The rest of my little bunny & egg friends are just waiting to be placed! (I just put everything on my table, for now.) I need to look for some fun pastel colored plates and maybe a pretty table cloth! Hmm.... sounds like a trip to Hobby Lobby & Target might be in my future!


  1. I have lots of bunnies for Easter also! Can't wait to see your decor when done. hugs, Linda

  2. you always have the besy decorations for the holidays how cute

  3. Linda ~ I'll be posting as soon as I am find a home for my little bunny family :)

    Becca ~ You are so sweet! :)

  4. Funny you mentioned looking for Easter decorations, that is my plan for this Saturday :) And all your findings look simply great!

  5. Thank you, Claudia! ~ Unfortunately, my bunnies are still in the same place! I haven't had a chance to find a home for them yet!

  6. Thanks dear Becky for dropping by with such nice comments, too! I like making tables, yes, but I'm also married 36 years and inherited some treasures, other things I got from my mom as I'm the only girl, most are bought by us and it amounts to a lot. I'm an empty nester who lived in a huge home with humongus garden, so from that house there's so much I have and gave to my daughters as well, that's why the sooo much stuff still!

  7. Oh my goodness what a collection you have. :)

  8. Hi Fabby ~ Well, your collection is beautiful! :)

    Hi LindyLou ~ LOL! Yes, I do! ;)



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