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Monday, May 2, 2011

So Much Going On!

My goodness!! In just a few days time.... SO MUCH has happened!!

Wednesday - 4/27 - was the horrific tornado outbreak! So many lives were literally turned upside down during this awful disaster. I learned yesterday that a friend from church's daughter survived by hiding in the basement of her boyfriend's parents home. This was in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The tornado narrowly missed the house that they were in. I cried when I heard this. My friend was in Boston at the time, and did not get the text message that her daughter had sent from the basement, just before the tornado struck.... asking for prayers. My friend praises God that she did NOT get this text message until after the tornado blasted through! I understand her feelings. I can't imagine getting a text message like that and knowing that my daughter was hundreds of miles away and there was nothing that I could do to save her except.... to pray.

Friday - 4/29 - was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton! What a glorious wedding it was! My girls were up at 4am to watch it. I decided that I would DVR it and just wake up whenever my body decided to. Well.... I was up by 5am! Ha!! I hadn't really missed anything, so that was good. The wedding was so magical and fairytale-like!! I loved everything about it!! Kate was beautiful, as usual. Of course.... she could wear a paper sack and still be beautiful!! Prince William was very handsome, as always. I love Prince Harry! He makes me laugh! Kate's sister, Pipa, was gorgeous in her dress, as well!! And, how wonderful for them that it didn't rain! I look forward to hearing more about them as they start their married life, together.

Sunday evening - 5/1 - As my girls and I were watching the TV reality show, "The Celebrity Apprentice"... we learned that President Obama was going to be interrupting our show to give an announcement that was of National Security. This peaked our interest and we waited a long hour until he finally spoke. We learned before he spoke that U.S. military troops had shot and killed Osama Bin Laden!! THANK GOD! It took almost 10 years for our troops to find him, but that is ok. He is now gone. My only worry is that his followers will now find a way to retaliate against us. I love seeing how the people of our nation are celebrating! Last night... my Facebook wall was COVERED in excitement with the news of his death!!! People also gathered on the lawn of our Nation's Capital and at Ground Zero in New York. It is wonderful when we can come together, as a country.



  1. Good post Becky. I am so glad that your friend's daughter survived the tornado. As you say, thank goodness that she didn't get the text until afterwards!! Yes, I have watched THE wedding three times so far. It was just wonderful and they are so much in love.
    Great news about Osama Bin Laden. My only worry is that there is someone else in the wings, just as evil, waiting to take over from him. Still, it has been a long time coming, so good that justice has finally been done.

  2. It will be very interesting these next few days to see what is going to happen. I am positive it is not over yet. Just another day in our current political chaos that seems to have overtaken the world.
    I am happy for the Prince and Kate and wish them a happy life, but get up to watch it, NEVER. Saw it all day long though. Still running re-runs on Sunday. My thought is that those who wanted, have seen it and get on with other things.
    Praise God your little friend was safe. It has been an interesting few days for sure. I read a story of a little 8 year old who was sucked out of his parents home when the roof blew off. After the storm passed the parents saw him walking across the yard to them. I was totally amazed by that one. Yes, I am so thankful I do not live in a Tornado zone. Been there, done that. Stay safe:)

  3. Hi This ~ I enjoyed watching the wedding, very much. Even David has flipped the channel to catch it a few times this weekend! LOL!! ~ I agree with you on the fact that there probably is someone already in place to take Bin Laden's place. It's such a sad and scary situation. We just have to keep our focus on our families and God above! ;)

    Hi Gramma ~ Yes. The wedding has probably been aired on TV a bit too many times! I did enjoy watching it, tho. ~ Yes. Political chaos is a good way to put it all. So many think that this is the end of terrorism, but I am afraid that it may be the beginning of something even worse!



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