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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What have I been doing, ask?

Well, among the MANY things, is......

I have been going to the libraries and researching information on my family history.

This past Friday, I went to the library here in the county that I live in (near Columbus, GA). I had recently found out that my paternal grandmother (on my Father's side) was born in this same county! (I had thought that she was born in Alabama!) I went to the library to look through the records there, hoping to find out more about her and my ancestors .

The library has a history book about MY county. It is full of names, photos and information regarding the people that lived (or still live) in the county between the years 1827-1961.

I wrote down as much information, as I could. I even brought my camera to take pics of some of the pages in the book that had more info than I could write.

Through my research, I found out that....

- I have several ancestors who fought in the Civil War.
- One that help start the Southern Railroad through Georgia.
- One that was the county coroner in 1953.
- One that won land in the Cherokee Land Lottery.
- One that fought in WWI.
- One that served on the first Grand Jury of the county and helped to develop to get the building of the county courthouse started and roads for the county.
- One was a County Senator.
- One helped to collect supplies for the soldiers during the Civil War.
- At least one was a slave owner.
- One was a Justice of the Peace.
- One helped to organize the Columbus Baptist Association.

While I was there, I also did more research on my paternal grandfather (my Mother's side) who's family also came from MY county.

I already knew a lot about them, but here's some new info that I learned....

- At least two of my ancestors fought in the Civil War.
- One was the Postmaster in 1883 for my county. The post office was in his home. He also taught school at a church.
- One was a Tax Commisioner.
- One was a teacher.

On Saturday, Miranda and I went to the big Columbus library to do more research. --- Well, she read books about London, England... while "I" did research! I knew that the Columbus library had books on surrounding counties. I wanted to see what I could find out about my maternal grandmother on my mother's side.

I didn't find out as much, but I found a lot of names and also burial locations, which I didn't know before. I also found a "Registery" book for the church that my grandparents were memebers of. The book had tons of names in it .... all handwritten! I am going to have to go back and flip through it slowly, page by page, in order to read the names. I recognized many of the names, tho!

The exciting part is that by finding so many names... I was able to FINALLY trace my grandmother's heritage, which I have dated back to 1678 in ENGLAND!!! -- WAHOO!!  - Marlborough, Wiltshire, England... to be exact!

I am sooo excited!! That is TWO family lines that I have traced back to the same area of England! I want now, to travel so badly to England!! So does Miranda, but she is mostly interested in visiting London. I am hoping that we can somehow make it work so that we can travel there after she graduates from college in two years. I can't wait to walk where my ancestors once walked!

Here's a map of England to show you WHERE in England that my ancestors lived. The red circle is circling SOMERSET. (Sorry that it may be hard to read!)


  1. Wow, that's a lot of information you gained about your ancestors, Becky. It must give you such a good feeling to find out all these things. And now you have a second connection to England! YAY! Good post my friend.

  2. Wonderful, you will have the chance to visit This as well. And who knows maybe I will cross over as well!

  3. i find this so interesting my brother want to do a family tree and look into our history any suggestions on where to start

  4. Yes, This! I am SO excited! I may be coming your way in a couple years! :)

    Claudia ~ Wouldn't that be fun??!! I would love that! :)

    Becca ~ Just gather as much info as you can about your family and then do research on If you live in the town where you know that your ancestors are from, it is a lot easier. The library should have a lot of into! I am blessed to live right where my family roots are! ;)

  5. Family research is a fascinating hobby which I did peruse for awhile but it became rather expensive so I stopped again. Good Luck with yours.

  6. Yes, the cost is definitely not the fun part! :) Thank you!

  7. Hi Becky, You will love the area where your family are from in the UK. It is a very pretty part of England. My parents and younger sisters moved there from London when My Dad retired from the London Police force many years ago. They have moved a long way up north now, to Nottinghamshire.

    Now that I live in New Zealand it is the part of the Uk that I miss the most. When I see pictures of it on the tv it makes me very homesick.

  8. Thank you, Jo!! I REALLY hope that I can work it out to get to go there! It's the one place that I want to go to very much! I've heard and seen on TV that New Zealand is beautiful, too! I would love to visit there, as well! :)



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