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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Busy Month of May

Hello. Remember me??

I am the blogger that promised to write every day and has not. I hope you can forgive me! My only excuse is that the month of May has been a busy one and blogging got rotated to the bottom of the priority list! I am a "routine" kind of person and my routine is TOTALLY OFF right now!! And has been for weeks!!

At the beginning of May I was in search of a new job. I was busy working on my resume', making phone calls, visiting other preschools, and going on interviews. Thankfully, I found a new job rather quickly and will begin it in August.

During the middle of May, I was busy winding down the school year at my previous job. I was in charge of making the "Memory Books" for each student, so I was busy trying to finish those so that they would be ready to go home on the last day. There was also the task of packing up the classroom and cleaning everything.

Miranda's birthday was on May 21st. She and I had a wonderful day in Atlanta!

On May 24th, I traveled back to Atlanta with David and a group of friends to attend the Jimmy Buffet concert there! What a BLAST that was!! --- I owe you all a post about that and pictures!

David has had a lot of vacation time left over to take before the end of May, so he has been home a LOT! He has been working in our yard quite a bit and I can now say that I ENJOY HANGING OUT IN MY BACK YARD! Wahooo!!!! --- I owe ya'll pictures of it, as well! I am quite proud of how it looks!

We have also been busy sprucing up the inside of our house a bit! I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover for my bed and a new "look". I finally settled on a white duvet cover so that I can easily change the "look" by swapping out the sheets, bed skirt, shams and throw pillows. Now, if I can just keep my silly dogs OFF my bed!!

I also have a new tablescape to share with you!! I went "thrifting", as I call it and found LOTS of goodies!! Part of what I found was for my June tablescape!! I love it and can't wait to share it with you!!

While I have been absent from my blog..... I discovered that I have been given a few AWARDS!! My friends, you are too kind! I don't know that I deserve them after being "absent" so much lately! I will post about them soon. I PROMISE!! 

We will be leaving for the beach in a few days, so I will be "absent" again! But.... hopefully, I can get into a routine after that because we have NOTHING planned for the rest of the summer!

As I said before... I owe you several blog posts! That is something that I will begin working on as soon as I can. Right now... it is 7:00am and I already hear David out in the back yard watering the plants and cleaning up after our fun pool-side day, yesterday! I guess I better go and help him!!

Toodles for now ~


  1. I believe you should never apologise for not blogging, this is meant to be a pleasure and just because you do not post every day it does not mean we will never visit you again. Enjoy life we will enjoy the next posts as and when they arrive.

  2. Sorry, who is this? Do we know you?! Becky who?! Well, it's lovely to see you back, if only briefly, before you head off to the beach. I've certainly missed you my friend, but you have had lots of lovely things happening, so of course we forgive you. Bigs ((( Hugs )))

  3. having trouble posting comment

  4. Whew!! I was getting kinda' worried! I couldn't comment on my own blog!!

    LindyLou ~ Thank you for your sweet words! I don't feel so guilty now :)

    This ~ You are too funny!! ((HUGS)) back at you!

  5. wow you have been busy no worries though you write when you have time. hugs and have a great first of June.

    Everyday Life

  6. Becky, Glad you're back! I have tried to comment a couple of times on your previous post about you and your daughter's trip, but it wouldn't go...blogger has been acting up. And they lost an entire post of mine. So, eventually, I'll have to rewrite. Glad you found a new job, saw Jimmy Buffett and will be happy to see a new tablescape. Hope this comment gets to you. Here we go. Take care-have fun!

  7. Thanks, Becca! :)

    Susan ~ Ya. I don't know what's been up with Blogger lately. Hopefully, they fixed whatever was wrong! :)



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