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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jimmy Buffet Concert - May 2011

The last time that we went camping was back in Feburary, I am sad to say. While we were camping, one of our friends informed us that Jimmy Buffet tickets were going on sale the next day and asked us if we had planned to buy some. At first, we were reluctant because we would have to drive to Atlanta and then drive back late, after the concert. Not something that David was willing to do! But... our friend who owns a motorhome offered for us and our other friends to ride with them and some other friends of theirs, in their motorhome. That way, we wouldn't have to worry about driving.

So, the next day... we were on the computer ... at the campground!! ... (technology is amazing!).... at 10:00am, ordering tickets!! YAY!!

It was a long wait from February until the end of May, but the day finally came when we would be going to Jimmy Buffet in concert, once again!! --- David & I haven't been to one of his concerts in probably 20 years!!

Here's a collection of photo's from our day of tailgating and having fun at the concert!!

These are SO out of order!! Sorry about that!

Everyone was trying to "chase" the shade! It was impossible!

I couldn't believe how much food there was! - That watermelon salsa was SO YUMMY!

Our little area of the tailgating world!

Me and my two friends, Laura & Brandy.

Me & my friend, Kim.

Words could not describe this guy!

I THOUGHT my friend Laura was going to be in this picture with me!! She bailed on me!

But, then... we did a group photo!

All twenty of us!! --- No. Not everyone rode in the motorhome!

Our ride to the concert!

David & I before we left.

David was ready!

This guy was cruising all over the place! Too funny!

David tries to rest for a bit before the concert started.

The crowds of people begin to pile in!!

David & I waiting for the concert to begin.

Jimmy finally arrives on stage!! Wahoo!!

David and Bruce have their "fins" up! LOL!!

Me & David. I have my "fin" on!! LOL!
It was a great concert and a LOT of fun!! We were extrememly glad to NOT be driving home after!!


  1. looks like so much fun and i love jimmy buffet. so happy you got to go and thanks for haring the fun loved the pictures

  2. Thanks, Becca! It was a BLAST! :)

  3. Sorry I'm late in commenting Becky! Those photos were awesome and it looks as if you were having so much fun! How cool was that motorhome?! And that food looked fantastic. So glad you, David and your friends had such a wonderful time hanging out together.

  4. No worries, This! ~ We had a LOT of fun! Great memories! ;)



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