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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation Destination(s) - Hint #2

Well, I had a few "guesser's" at my little game! Claudia from The Story was heading in the right direction, at least!

When we get on that plane in Atlanta, we will be flying to the NORTH EAST.

Clue #1 was:  We are flying out of the Atlanta, GA airport. Our flight time is about 2 Hours. The city where we are going to, is a pretty big city. It is the city where David grew up. You were to guess which city we are flying to.

Here is your Clue #2: The city that we are flying to, is the largest city in it's state and the fifth-most-populous city in the United States. It is NOT the capitol of it's state. This city was the social and geographical center of the original 13 American colonies. It was a centerpiece of early American history.

Here's a "skyline" photo of this city, as a BONUS clue!

Photo is from (sorry that it is so small)

What city is it??

If no one guesses today... then, I will post some VERY easy clues (with pictures!) and see if you can guess our first destination!

Have fun!!


  1. Was it a film with Tom Hanks! Is it by any chance Philadelphia?! Well, I know nothing about America, but I am trying hard!!!!

  2. Hi This!! ~~~ Yay!!!! You guessed it!!!! WAHOOO!!! I don't know about the Tom Hanks movie, but yes... it IS Philadelphia!! I will write a new post about our FIRST destination, soon!! ((HUGS)) to you my friend!!

  3. Woop Woop! I'm not as stupid as I thought! Sorry Claudia, but I beat you to it!! Hee Hee!!

  4. Well at least I had the direction :)

  5. Yes, Claudia... you did! :)

    This -- You crack me up!! Love you!



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