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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Frustrations

I only started drinking coffee within the past few years. I could never bring myself to drink it. Then... I learned that with enough flavored creamer and some sugar... well.... it tasted pretty yummy!! LOL! Now, I am hooked!!

I have toned down the amount of cream and sugar that I use now that I have acquired the taste for this wonderfully delicious drink. My way of making it is to first, pour just enough creamer (fat-free!) into my cup so that I can no longer see the bottom. Then, I pour in my coffee. Then, I use only one packet of sweet-n-low. I've tried using "real" sugar... but, I can never get it to taste "just right" without pouring dumping a bunch of sugar in! Ummmm.... now I have my yummy cup of coffee!

David has been a coffee drinker since I met him. I would assume that he started drinking it in college. But, I'm not sure.

For years and years, .... since I did not drink the stuff, myself.....I had no idea how to "work" the cheap coffee makers that we have owned. David would always have to do it.

Then, when I finally learned to like coffee, I HAD to learn because David wasn't at home during the week.

We have always had cheap coffee makers. Nothing fancy. But... recently... while strolling thru Sam's, we got sucked into buying one of the new-fangled coffee makers --- the Keurig!!

We REALLY like it!!! It is so easy to use and can make a fresh cup of coffee in seconds! I love how you just "pop" in one of the little cups into the machine, close the lid... and..... WALAH!! You have a cup of coffee! The machine that we bought came with a huge variety of different coffees to try. It has been fun trying different ones!

Now, comes the frustrating part.

We are all out of the little "cups" of coffee and now have to buy more. Unfortunately... these cute little cups are not very cheap! When we bought the coffee maker, we calculated the cost of each cup of coffee and compared to our old, cheap coffee maker.... and the results were about the same -- 50 cents a cup. The hard part is forking over the $30+ to buy the big box of little cups at Sam's or $10 for a small box at Walmart (or somewhere else). The big box is the better deal.

Right now, we are in a budget crunch at our house and really can't afford the $30.

Fortunately, this new-fangled coffee maker WILL make coffee by using coffee grounds, too. So... that is what I am doing this week. It's not as easy as using the little cups, tho! I got spoiled by just "popping" one of those little cups into the machine! Haha!

Anyway.... I am enjoying my cup of coffee this morning and that's all that matters! **Smile**


  1. I hadn't drunk coffee for years, and then I started, but I only have one cup a day, but I so look forward to it. It can be quite addictive, can't it?!! We have a Tassimo Machine, similar to yours, which uses the little pods. We can make green tea in it as well, and hot chocolate! Hope all is well over there with you my dear friend. Hugs.

  2. Hi This ~ Yes. It can be quite addictive! :) This one can make hot chocolate and tea, as well. Haven't tried those yet. ~ I'm good. Just tired from VBS this week!!

  3. i want one of those but can't bring myself to spend that kind of money as money is really tight here

    Everyday Life

  4. I know what you mean, Becca!



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