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Saturday, June 25, 2011

eBay & Me

To help pay for our BIG VACATION... (click to see my last post).... I have decided to try my luck at selling a few things on eBay. My BFF (Best Friend Forever) uses eBay quite a bit and is helping me. She recently bought a Barbie doll at a garage sale and then looked it up online to see if it was worth anything. She found out that it was a collectible Barbie and could be worth hundreds of dollars!!! She then listed it on eBay and sold it for just over $200!!! Pretty cool!

So... I decided that I would dig through my attic and see if I could find "my" Barbies. I did and I have been researching how much they are worth. I haven't seen any prices anywhere near what my friend got for hers, but I may be able to get a little bit.

I have listed several Barbies, including a Ken doll, an Allan doll, and a couple of Skipper dolls. I have also listed some clothes that I had for them. We'll see what happens! Wish me luck!! Here are some pics of the Barbies that I listed....

1962 Ken

1964 Skipper

1964-1966 Allan (Ken's friend)

1971-1972 Malibu Francie

1972-1973 Skipper "Pose N Play"

1960's & 1970's Ken Clothes

1970's Barbie Clothes


  1. Good luck with your sales. I have some old Barbie clothes and I wonder if they are worth anything. Where have you researched your items? hugs, Linda

  2. Good luck with your eBay experience! :)

  3. Wishing you good luck with this little venture, Becky! It will all help towards your vacation my friend. Do let us know how it goes.

  4. Just think, you could pay for your entire trip just by cleaning out your attic!! Good Luck:)

  5. good luck i need to learn ebay mom has lots of handmade blankets i want to sell

    Everyday Life

  6. Thanks, Becca! ~ I have 2 bids so far! We'll see what happens :)



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