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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beach Trip - June 2011

David and I had a good time at the beach. I missed my girls, tho. They had school and couldn't make it to be with us.

We stayed at St. Andrew's State Park, which is in Panama City, Florida. We have a "pop-up" camper. We were down there with several of our camping friends, who we also go to church with.

This was our first time camping at St. Andrew's. We weren't sure if we would like it or not, but as the days went by.... we decided that we really did like it and would love to go back and take our girls with us!

Here are some photo's from our trip and a description of each one ---

When we arrived, this was our view of the lagoon from our campsite. Not long after, tho... campers moved in and our view was no longer there.

These pictures were taken early in the morning. My camera lense kept fogging up!

This oil tanker was out over the water's horizon for our whole trip. It never moved until the last day.

David took this picture of me and my friends, reading our "trash magazines", as we call them!

These two pictures are of the jetty that separated the beach from the lagoon & bay. The water was calm on the other side and a great place to snorkel! I didn't do that this trip. Maybe next time.

Tuesday morning, we had some visitors at our campsite!

Tuesday evening, we drove down to Pier Park. This is me (in pink) and some friends waiting in line to ride the ferris wheel.

David and our friend, Richard, opted out and waited instead. We couldn't help but laugh at them as they sat together on that bench. Richard is holding his wife's purse and David is wearing a silly hat that he bought that makes him look like he has "spikey hair"!  LOL!

Cindy & I rode the ferris wheel together. It's been a LONG time since I have ridden one of these! I had forgotten how much fun they are!! Except for when your friend tries to look DOWN and the seat starts swinging back and forth!!! Yikes!!! LOL!

I rode The Scrambler with my friend, Kim. It is my very favorite carnival ride!!

This boat was a fun touring boat. It passed by several times a day, taking passengers on a tour of the coast.

On Wednesday, it stopped... along with some other boats... to let the passengers swim with the dolphins and feed them. This was right at the end of the jetty. 

Our friends girls, enjoyed digging a gigantic hole! (This was just the beginning of it!)

Later, the kids made a soccer field in the sand and played soccer!

I couldn't help but take a picture of this little girl that was on the beach with her Mama!! She reminded me SO much of Miranda when we took her to the beach at that age!! Miranda's hair was much more blonde, tho! -- What a cutie!!

Our group.... hanging out under the shade tents!

David enjoys a "trash magazine", too!

It was fascinating to watch this HUGE frieghter emerge from the bay side of the jetty as it was going out to sea!! This picture does not do it's size any justice! It really was HUGE!!

Everyone stops what they are doing to watch the frieghter.

Photos of the lagoon from the campground.

The campground section that we stayed in. David & I enjoyed riding our bikes all around!

Our campsite was very shady, but we did not have a good view of the lagoon.

These pictures were taken from the fishing dock that is inside the State Park, and just down the street from the campground part. This big guy was waiting around for the grab the fish from the fishermen on the dock!

To the left, you can see the campground through the trees.

To the right, you can see the opening that goes to the ocean.

We enjoyed watching the boats cruise by.

It was extremely HOT and HUMID, but we did have a few storms that cooled things down for the evenings. 

The first night that we were there.... we had a HUGE and HORRIBLE storm to come through!! The lightening and wind was very bad! The power even got knocked out for a few hours!! David and I were up, watching and praying that our awning and camper would not blow away!! 

I am anxious to take my girls to this campground and beach. I think I will have more fun!


  1. Glad you are back, I missed your posts. But seeing that you had so much fun, I understand! Happy times, great photos!

  2. Hi Claudia! ~ It' nice to be missed! Thank you! Yes, I have been slacking on my blogging and reading of blogs! Hope to get back to it! :)

  3. I love the beach!! I wanted to go down there so badly when we lived there, but on a student's budget some things just were not possible. Great pictures too. Especially the freighter and the bird. It it a heron?

  4. My girls understand the "student budget" very well! They are trying to figure out a way to get down to the beach, too! Yes... I believe the bird is a heron.



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