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Monday, June 27, 2011

What I learned

Last night, I attended a class called COUPONING 101 at my church. The lady that taught the class teaches this same class at the college that my girls attend. She also teaches two other coupon classes. The class that she taught to us, was her "basic" class for beginners. The other ones dive a little further into the couponing world. I was just happy to get this basic class for FREE!

There is no way that I can begin to tell you EVERYTHING that I learned, but I will share with you a few tips that I DID learn.

First of all.... I live in the state of Georiga, in the USA. Couponing, individual stores and store "policies" may be different where you live.

Buy ONE Get one FREE (BOGO) sales

  • always take advantage of these sales.
  • At Publix, you do NOT have to buy both items. If you only buy one of the BOGO items, you can get it for HALF PRICE!
  • Then... you can also add coupons to this item and get it even cheaper!
  • At Publix you can "stack" coupons. This means that you can use a manufacturer's coupon along with a store coupon together! This makes your savings even BIGGER!
  • At most other stores, you have to buy BOTH items in order to get one free. (But, you are really only paying for one.) But, you can still add coupons to this sale for bigger savings!
Fact: Shopping at discount stores and dollar stores will not necessarily save you money.
Fact: Generic products are not always cheaper than name brand products.

Where to find coupons
  • Sunday newspaper
  • Blinkies -- machines that are attached to store shelves, near product
  • Peelies -- coupons that are attached to products
  • Hangtags/winetags -- hanging on the neck of wine bottles or other products
  • Tearpads -- coupons that are attached to store shelves, near product
  • Store lobbies -- look for coupon books there or at the customer service desk
  • Free Samples -- Websites: Walmart, Twisted Branches, Facebook, Vocalpoint
  • Internet printables -- (This is THE best site for printables) - You can only print TWO per computer!! - You can NOT photo copy them!
  • Magazines -- "All You", "Family Circle", "Good Housekeeping"
  • Store Coupons -- Walgreens, CVS, Target, & Publix
  • Home Mailers -- Mailed directly to your house (Target)
  • Manufacturer -- Home URL
  • Store clubs & Programs: Baby Clubs
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter ("Like" a certain product in order to get coupons)
The Basics
  • Coupons can be used only ONCE.
  • No 2 coupons on 1 item (the same TYPE of coupon on 1 item)
  • Read the wording on the coupon & ignore the photo (it may be different)
  • Photocopying coupons is ILLEGAL!
Storing Coupons
  • Binder with baseball card holders - file them by exp date or category
  • File box - file them by exp date or category
  • Accordian folder
  • Envelope

Great Coupon Sites
  • Start slowly -- it won't be built overnight
  • Buy for the future -- (only buy up to 6 weeks worth)
  • Know how much you use
  • Donate
Stores rotate their sales every SIX WEEKS. --- This means if Chex Mix is on sale this week, you won't find it on sale for another six weeks. If this is something that you use often... buy enough for 6 weeks.

This is nowhere near everything that I learned!! There was SO MUCH information! My suggestion would be to check in your hometown and see if there are any classes being offered. The website does have a button that you can click on that gives some helpful information as to "how" to coupon. 

Good luck and have fun! I'm off to the dentist, the gym, and to the grocery store!!

Happy couponing!!  


  1. I am intrigued by the couponing I see going on. I don't buy enough of these products to make it worth the time involved but I know it does work for many people especially those with larger families. I do use coupons when they are for products I like. I hope you tell us how it goes for you!

  2. Amazing, it really is well developed! In Germany we don't have this level though! What counts is that you had fun :)

  3. You're certainly getting into this in a big way Becky! You obviously learnt quite a lot at that Class and, hopefully, you will save a nice lot of money towards that family vacation! Hugs.

  4. It is QUITE overwhelming! I just want to save money on our grocery bill each week!! Hopefully, with these new things that I have learned... I can! ;)

  5. thank you for this i'm slowly learning how to do this but i'm no where as good as most people



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