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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Name Game

No.. I'm not going to ask you to play a game! **Smile**

I saw this article on my msn home page and thought it was interesting. The title of it is ---

Astravaganza?! When parents regret their kids' names -- By Susan Gregory Thomas

I found it quite interesting because I do wonder just why some parents choose the names that they do, for their kids!

My first name is Rebecca. I love my name! But, I am not called that because my mother wanted me to be called "Becky", and that's ok. The problem comes when I have to sign my name on legal documents. On most of those type things, I have to sign my name as "Rebecca". I get frustrated because I always have to check to see which name I am supposed to sign... "Rebecca" or "Becky"!


When I named my girls, I purposly chose NOT to give them names that would have a "nickname". I didn't want them to go thru the same confusion that I have to go thru at times. Ashley sometimes gets shortened to "Ash", but not by ME! David's step-mother used to call Ashley, "Ash" when she was a baby. I hated it!!!! Now, it doesn't bother me quite as much when other people call her that.

In high school, a few of Miranda's friends shortened her name to "Randy", but I didn't mind it too much. No one calls her that any more, now.

A lot of people choose family names for their children. My mother wanted to name me after my Great-Great Grandmother. Her name was Rebecca Ann. But, my Grandmother (my mom's mom) INSISTED that my middle name be her name!! So, my middle name is "Louise". Not quite as pretty as "Rebecca Ann". **Smile**

When it came time to choose names for my own children, I decided NOT to use family names because I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by not choosing their names.

When I was pregnant with Ashley, I was working at a day care center. There was a little girl there who's name was "Ashley". This was in 1987. I had never heard it before and I loved it! I actually made a list of names that I liked and then I let David choose which one that he liked the best. The name "Ashley" was at the top of the list and I was happy that he chose this to be her name!


Now, it was time to choose a middle name. I had no idea what to choose! But, in the end... I went with the middle name of my "Adoption Doll". (Remember those??) Her name was "Beth Lanee'". I loved that name LANEE' (Sounds like Renee) and had never heard it before. So, Ashley was named -- Ashley Lanee'.

4 years later, we were pregnant again (Yay!) and back to choosing another name. I, of course, had a baby name book and would constantly cruise thru it searching for the perfect name. I came across the name "Miranda" and thought it was such a beautiful name! So, that is what we decided on.


Then, it was time to choose a middle name. After much thought... I (we) decided to name her after my childhood best friend. Her name was "Chrissy", but her real name was "Christine". So, Miranda was named -- Miranda Christine.

Back to the topic of the article above...

The article talks about how names have no meaning now and how parents are trying to come up with "original" names. They also are following the Hollywood trends of naming their children crazy names like... "Apple", just to get attention. Is this healthy for children, tho?? I don't think so. But... that's just my opinion.

Lately, I have also noticed a trend of parents choosing to have their children be called by BOTH of their names... such as... "John Michael" or "Gracie Marie" or "Emma Grace" or "John Lee". I used to not like this idea, but I have gotten used to it don't mind it so much. When I was little, tho.... when I was called by BOTH of my names..... I knew that I was in TROUBLE!!! ~ LOL!!

I would love to know the stories behind how you got your name!


  1. The name game…I have in-laws who never use their given names because they go by nicknames that were given to them by their parents when they were young. I’ve never understood that. Why not simply give your child the nickname as their given name? If you want your child called “Randy,” why did you name him “Randall?” I usually do not mind odd names, but the most unusually odd name that I’ve ever heard of was shared with me by my mom, who knew of a young girl named “Placenta.” The girl’s mother overheard nurses saying the word “placenta” while she was in the hospital after giving birth to her daughter. The woman didn’t know what it meant but thought that it sounded nice, so she chose that as her daughter’s name. I hope the child’s middle name was something nice like “Jane.”

  2. Hi Arby ~ That is one of the reasons that I chose names for my girls that really didn't have "nicknames". To me, they just don't make sense! ~ The name "Placenta" is definitely original! WOW!! Poor girl! Let's pray that she DID get a simple middle name! :)

  3. my name comes with an awful story attached so we won't go there right now but i'm with you when your name was called in full you knew you were in trouble. love the names you choose.

  4. Hi Becca ~ I am sorry to hear that your name does not come with a happy story. I was always teased and called "Lou-Lou" because of my middle name! Hated it!!

  5. Hi I came over via Southamsdarling's blog .. well my name Anne Patricia .. (only called Anne) is not the name I would pick . It does come with a bit of envy though .. My name is the same as my mums..only hers is Patricia Anne ... when my sister came along , she was named Odette ... I have always asked why I got plain old Anne .. my mum says that it was because my dad wanted to call me something she didn't like .. (cannot ask my dad as he passed away when I was 10) . My thought has been that not much imagination went into naming me .. I could of had a lovely Maltese name .. as my father was Maltese ..

  6. One of my Uncles is named Earl, but is called John because as a child he fell into the "John", otherwise known as the outhouse. My Uncle Russ is called Boob, because when he was a teen he stood still while a horse bit off the top of his ear, and everyones said he was a "big boob" for standing there. We named Ricky, Richard after my dad, but I didn't really like the name, knew from the start we would call him Ricky. His middle name is Wade, refused to use Wade's middle name, Dewey.Could not do that to my child. Michael is Michael because I always liked the name, I always corrected people when they would call him "Mike". Me, I was named after the actress Diana Lynn.

  7. Hi Anne ~ Thanks for popping over to visit my blog! Yes... It does make you wonder what your father would have named you! :)

    Hi Diana ~ Funny stories about your family members! I don't think I have any funny ones like that! Sometimes I wish I had used family names for my girls, but.... too late now! I should have used mine and David's mother's names. My mother's name is Elizabeth and David's is May. "Ashley Elizabeth" is rather pretty, but now that I think about it.... "Miranda May" probably wouldn't have been a good idea!! LOL!!

  8. I think your post is cute, and makes good sense. My real name is Suzanne. But people get confused and call me Susan or Suzianne, or Susanna and sometimes Sue (I detest the name Sue for me!) Most of the people who call me Susan are men. Don't know why, but I have always liked the name Susan, so I really don't mind.

    And that goes for AT&T. Since 1971, I have had an AT&T account. They have never spelled my name Suzanne, but when I've had occasion to talk to them on the phone, that's what they call me. I've asked them to correct my name several times over the years, but to no avail. Thus, Susan on my blog. And now, I'm afraid to change it-but I do sign my photos with the name 'Suzanne'.

    Since you asked, I was born on a Sunday and mom didn't have a name for me yet. The newspaper had come out with the brides and weddings from the Saturday before, and a girl named Suzanne Marie had gotten married-so, I got her name. I really like the story.

    Love your post Becky-have a great week.

  9. Awww.... I love the name Suzanne!! Always have! It is funny how people get our names mixed up so much. I had one person ask me recently how I spell my name... "Becky". I looked at her and thought... "Really??" and then said... the normal way! LOL!! ~ I love your story of how you got your name! Too cute!

  10. This blog seems to be very much funny. Thanks for sharing this kind of information.



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