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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Search

I am in search of a new duvet cover for my bed. I am ready for a change. Right now... I have a light blue one, similar to this... (my sheets are a gold color, tho)

I really want a "patterned" one this time. I went to Pottery Barn's site because I love their stuff! It is my "style". I wasn't sure that I could afford a duvet cover from Pottery Barn, but I figured that I would look anyway! **Smile**

I was surprised to find that they don't even have "comforters". They only have "duvet covers" or "coverlets".

I was also surprised to find one that I liked a lot and was also ON SALE!!!

Isn't it pretty??? The website listed it for $99, which included the duvet cover and two shams!! A GREAT BARGAIN!! ..... Right??

Well.... when I went to order it, the page came up with a message that said.... "This product will not be available for deliver until after August 18th." -- WHAT???? I didn't understand this, so I called Pottery Barn and spoke to a representative. She said that this product was currently out of stock and that it would not be available until the August date. And...... they were already sold out of the ones that were ordered for August! Needless to say, I was quite disappointed!

So... the search began for a different duvet cover. Pottery Barn has other ones, but none that I liked as much as this one. The colors in this one are perfect for my house!

I have searched the internet and the stores, here in town and can not find anything THIS pretty and THIS reasonable! First of all... Duvet covers are VERY hard to find! And if I DO find them... they are either very plain (like the one that I have now) or they are very "contemporary" or are colors that won't work for me.

I did find these two options while searching the internet....

I found this first one on the Ralph Lauren website. This is the "Catalina Island" collection. I like the blue and white. I could add some green and red, easily.

This one is also Ralph Lauren. It is the "Lake House Herringbone" collection. Not as much blue with this one, but I like how they paired it with the red.

The problem with these two (above) is that they are a good bit higher in price than the one at Pottery Barn! I believe that Macy's sells Ralph Lauren. My plan is to see if they do, and then keep a watch out for them to go on sale!

Anyway.... this is just a "smidgen" of what I have been up to lately!!


  1. Hi Becky. Good to see you here! I love buying new bedding. I liked the Catalina Island one very much but, being Ralph Lauren, I would think they are pretty expensive!! How is the job situation coming along?? Keeping my fingers crossed for you that something will come up that you will enjoy doing.

  2. Hi This! ~ Thanks for checking on me! I am doing well. Still making phone calls and sending out resume's. Something will come along. I am sure of it! :)



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